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Curriculum principles, purpose and pedagogy

Episode 49: Curriculum principles, purpose and pedagogy – with Jonathan Lear

Caroline talks with Jonathan Lear, award-winning Deputy Headteacher, curriculum adviser and author. They discuss Jonathan’s curriculum development work, his thinking on pedagogy, curriculum principles and purpose. How important is school context? How do you build curriculum foundations? Is there a correct sequence for curriculum design? This podcast delves into some of the essential curriculum questions.

Cornerstones - Six steps of Curriculum design.

How to design your curriculum

Six Steps of Curriculum Design Designing a curriculum is not easy. It is a complicated process that needs to be carefully thought through and involves much strategic decision making. With over 2000 schools now using the Cornerstones Curriculum, we have identified six crucial steps of effective curriculum design. These steps can be used by any… Read more

Initial Teacher Training and the Early Career Framework

Episode 48: Initial Teacher Training and the Early Career Framework – an update with Professor Sam Twiselton, OBE.

Caroline talks with Sam Twiselton, Director of Sheffield Institute of Education. They discuss Sam’s recent work with the DfE to review and create an ITT framework that supports trainee teachers and dovetails into the new Early Career Framework due out in 2020. A must-listen for all schools involved or interested in ITT and support for recently qualified teachers, including mentorship.

Curriculum intent

Curriculum intent for primary schools

The importance of the much-used Ofsted term ‘curriculum intent’ and practical tips to help you achieve yours. Unless you’ve been hiding away for the last 12 months, you’ll most definitely have heard the phrase ‘curriculum intent’ by now. To its credit, the inspectorate has certainly done much to clarify the term, and debunk myths around… Read more

Deep dives How to achieve subject coverage and progression

Episode 47: Deep dives: How to achieve subject coverage and progression

To discuss a topic brought to the fore by Ofsted’s ‘deep dive’ approach, Caroline is joined by Cornerstones founder, Simon Hickton and Curriculum Manager, Catherine Scutt. They explore how to ensure subject coverage, well-sequenced learning and subject progression, and how to do this using Cornerstones’ tools and content. Catherine introduces the new knowledge-rich projects (KRPs) from Cornerstones which take a subject-driven approach, enhanced by meaningful links across the curriculum.

What is Curriculum Maestro

Episode 42: What is Curriculum Maestro?

Developed in response to primary schools’ curriculum needs, our new online management platform, Curriculum Maestro, is launched this September. Caroline talks to two key people behind this time-saving innovation, Simon Hickton, Managing Director and Cathryn Rogers, Online Security and Development Manager at Cornerstones Education, about what Curriculum Maestro is and how it can help primary schools design, deliver and manage their curriculum.

FREE Primary curriculum event

Primary curriculum event

Cornerstones are excited to launch our new events held in venues around the coast. Each half-day event is FREE and includes lunch and refreshments.  Who’s it for? How to design your primary curriculum is for primary headteachers, senior leaders and subject leaders at any stage of curriculum development, who want to learn the essential steps to… Read more

Achieve coverage and progression

How to achieve subject coverage and progression with Cornerstones

The new inspection framework focuses on how well schools design and deliver a broad, balanced and ambitious primary curriculum that values all subjects. 
With inspectors undertaking ‘deep dives’ into subjects when judging curriculum quality, it’s natural to wonder how your curriculum coverage and progression will fare under scrutiny.
The good news is, Cornerstones has been ahead of the game in terms of making explicit the knowledge, sequence and progression of subjects in your curriculum. So if you’re a school using our materials and are now using Curriculum Maestro, you’ll already have access to the curriculum and development tools that deliver what Ofsted are looking for (read on to find out how).

Episode 46 Wellbeing in the primary classroom

Episode 46: Wellbeing in the primary classroom

Caroline talks to Adrian Bethune, a primary teacher, wellbeing expert and author of the award-winning book Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom: A Practical Guide to Teaching Happiness. We discuss why supporting both children’s and teachers’ wellbeing is crucial for a positive school culture and how curriculum content and delivery can help. Adrian also offers tips for teaching happiness and wellbeing in low-cost, high-impact ways.

What are knowledge organisers

What are knowledge organisers and how can we use them in the primary classroom?

‘The body of knowledge that children gain at the end of a topic should be deeper and wider than what is outlined on the knowledge organiser.’ In this blog, Caroline takes a closer look at a resource that’s gaining popularity in primary schools: the knowledge organiser. Have you noticed that knowledge organisers are making more… Read more