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A broad and balanced curriculum

What is a broad and balanced curriculum?

A broad and balanced curriculum provides children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals. In my experience, there is little disagreement that a broad and balanced curriculum is best, but recent and increasing pressures around testing and assessment has, in some schools, caused a narrowing of the curriculum with little time for curriculum development.

Six steps of curriculum design

How to design your curriculum

Melanie Moore, author of the Cornerstones Curriculum, looks at the process of curriculum design. You may learn many things in teacher training, but how to design a curriculum is usually not one of them. Designing a whole school curriculum is a complex task, and the ability to do it comes with years of experience and… Read more

Book review of The Word Collector by Peter H Reynolds

‘Some people collect stamps. Some people collect coins. Some collect art. And Jerome? Jerome collected words…’ The Word Collector is a thought-provoking, enjoyable story. It is based around a character called Jerome: a boy who utterly adores words. Jerome collects words that he encounters in his everyday life, be they intriguing or exciting, simple, multi-syllabic… Read more

FREE resources for British Science Week!

From the 9th to the 18th March, it is British Science Week – a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. Free resources To celebrate, Cornerstones are giving away six, spring-themed Love to Investigate projects for Y1 to Y6. Each investigation is easy to teach, needs minimal resources and includes an engaging method board… Read more