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Single Subject Curriculums

Exceptional value single subject curriculums.

Each subject curriculum includes a fully sequenced progression framework, long and medium term planning, adaptable lesson plans, hundreds of quality resources and free online support for subject leaders.

Art & Design

Develop a whole-school culture of creativity, self-expression and innovation with our art & design curriculum. Includes coverage of artistic concepts such as colour theory, human form, printmaking, drawing, significant people, artistic diversity and more.


Help your children to plan, design, build and explore a world of design and invention with our brilliant design technology curriculum. Includes coverage of D&T concepts such as everyday products, mechanisms and movement, structures, food preparation, cooking and more.


Build your children’s scientific understanding with our fully sequenced science curriculum. Includes coverage of scientific concepts such as investigation, human body, change, phenomena, forces, identification and classification, habitats and more. Covers all six investigation types as set out in the national curriculum.


Develop children’s understanding of the world, its geographical features and diverse nations with our comprehensive geography curriculum. Includes coverage of geographical concepts such as human and physical features, settlements and land use, climate, physical processes, fieldwork, the environment, maps and more.


Travel through time with our fully sequenced history curriculum. Includes coverage of historical concepts such as changes over time, significance, compare and contrast, everyday life, hierarchy and power, civilisations, local history and chronology.


Develop pupils understanding of world faiths with our broad and balanced RE curriculum. Includes coverage of a diverse range of religious celebrations and special occasions including Diwali, Purim, harvest, Jumu’ah, Hajj, Christmas and much, much more.

Full coverage of the national curriculum.

Covers the essential concepts, skills and knowledge of each subject.

Easy to use and adapt subject-based projects, lesson plans and resources.

Clear learning pathways for all children from nursery to Y6.

Comprehensive subject specific integrated assessment.

Prepares teachers and subject leaders for scrutiny and inspection.

Embeds subject specific vocabulary across all year groups.

Develops teacher subject knowledge and expertise.