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Review and Inspections

A unique combination of content and functionality to support you before, during and after inspection. 

We have a wealth of expertise, content and the tools to make leading, subjects, curriculum and the analysis of learning manageable, purposeful and impactful. Whether it’s articulating your subject for a deep dive, or more importantly, informing class teachers and senior leaders where learning is taking place and where it needs supporting.


Curriculum overview

Clearly see the intended and actual coverage of your curriculum and the progression of all subjects within it.


Plan and teach

Adapt projects and timetable lessons to meet the exact needs of your children. Utilise quality resources to support learning.


Assess and analyse

Assessment for, as and of learning. Live information at the fingertips of all staff to support learning and show impact.


The CurriculumPRO tool allows you to find and articulate your curriculum content, sequencing and narrative structure in an easy and reliable way. It’s so much easier than retrieving folders and printing reams of paper – and is far more accurate.

“On Maestro, we have got the opportunity to assess the children against the statements of what matters, the DCF and the progression steps. So that's been a bit of a godsend for us.”

Jade Wakley, Deputy Headteacher

Pembroke Primary School