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Planning with Maestro

Create and adapt your short, medium and long term plans. 

View and share whole school planning online, on Maestro, a secure platform linked to your management information system (MIS). No need to print or keep endless dusty folders! Live and editable planning and the ability to upload and share your own resources and files. 

Ultimate flexibility

Choose a selection of different curriculums for primary schools

Adapt a sequenced or thematic curriculum or utilise the functionality to create and manage your own fully bespoke curriculum.



Curriculum plans

Ability to create, adapt, customise and share your whole school curriculum intent and plans.





Coverage & progression

Clearly see the intended and actual coverage of your curriculum and the progression of all subjects within it.




Interactive Timetable

Maestro teacher timetable

Ensure you can fit everything in by dragging and dropping lessons, tests and events into the timetable. Quick access to the lesson content, adaptations, resources and assessment functionality.


Educational VISITS Map

No need to waste time searching the internet for educational visits linked to what you are planning to teach, our memorable experience map has done this for you. Just type in your school postcode and see what’s right for your children.

Not sure where to start?

Let one of our school curriculum advisers lead the way with a Q&A session to map out your school’s personalised curriculum journey.



“Our previous curriculum wasn't sequential at all. It jumped all over the place. As there were no flow, children were not able to make any links from prior learning. Whereas now, children are already making links!”

Claire Taylor, Year 5 Teacher – History Lead

Churchfield Primary School

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