Putting primary expertise into practice.

'As a former headteacher and senior leader, I created Cornerstones to provide a quality curriculum and real solutions for schools.'

Simon Hickton - Founder and Director of Cornerstones

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Putting primary expertise into practice.

Our mission

'Our mission is to help primary schools design, deliver and manage their curriculum with just the right mix of skills, knowledge and creativity'

Curriculum expertise

We’re proud of our history.

Over the past ten years, we've been helping primary schools across the UK and beyond to develop their curriculum. We're proud of our customer service, curriculum knowledge and ability to meet the needs of schools.

September 2010

Cornerstones Education founded

April 2011

Cornerstones Curriculum launched

April 2011

1st school chooses Cornerstones

September 2011

Cornerstones Curriculum (Wales) launched

December 2013

500th school chooses Cornerstones

September 2014

New Cornerstones Curriculum launched

July 2014

1,000th school chooses Cornerstones

February 2015

Love to Investigate science investigations launched

May 2015

New Cornerstones Curriculum (Wales) launched

May 2015

Love to Read reading guides launched

July 2015

Cornerstones Maths Tests launched

April 2016

New Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum launched

May 2016

1,500th school chooses Cornerstones

June 2016

Cornerstones Assessment launched

July 2016

Welsh History and Culture projects launched

September 2016

Cornerstones SPaG Tests launched

February 2017

Love to Celebrate RE projects launched

July 2017

2,000th school chooses Cornerstones

July 2017

Cornerstones Yoimoji launched

July 2017

Cornerstones Reading Tests launched

May 2019

2,500th school chooses Cornerstones

September 2019

Curriculum Maestro launched

October 2019

Knowledge-rich geography projects launched

Coming 2020

Knowledge-rich history projects to be launched

Coming 2021

Knowledge-rich science projects to be launched

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