Vaisakhi (Sikhism)

Project Overview

This project teaches children about Vaisakhi. Sikhs usually celebrate Vaisakhi on the 13th and 14th April. It is the most important festival day for Sikhs because, in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa. The Khalsa are ordained Sikhs who make promises to wear the Five Ks and follow the Sikh religion faithfully. To become part of the Khalsa, Sikhs drink a sugary liquid called amrit and have it sprinkled onto their eyes and hair. Some Sikhs choose to take amrit during Vaisakhi.

What’s included

Vaisakhi (Sikhism) is a comprehensive project that boasts an array of essentials including:





Knowledge Organiser

Project scope

Vaisakhi (Sikhism) provides a structured approach to religious education, outlining key subjects and topics including:

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  • PSHE
  • Religious education
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  • Festivals
  • Sikhism
  • The Five Ks
  • The Khalsa
  • Vaisakhi

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