Our Pedagogy

Our four-stage pedagogy is built on academic research and years of practical teaching experience. We call it The Four Cornerstones.


Hook learners in with a memorable experience.

Set the scene and provide the context for learning.

Ask questions to find out children's interests.

Spark children's curiosity using interesting starting points.


Teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge.

Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.

Provide creative opportunities for making and doing.

Deliver reading, writing and talking across the curriculum.


Provide imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking.

Enable children to apply previously learned skills.

Encourage enterprise and independent thinking.

Provide opportunities for collaborative working and problem solving.


Provide environments for reflective talk.

Create opportunities for shared evaluation.

Celebrate and share children's success.

Identify next steps for learning.

Why Cornerstones?

Designing a curriculum is not easy.

It is a complicated process that needs to be carefully thought through and involves much strategic decision making. Here at Cornerstones, we can help schools to design a broad and balanced curriculum with just the right mix of skills, knowledge and creativity, using a range of online tools, resources and expertise.

Our four-stage pedagogy explained

Design a bespoke curriculum

Our experienced consultants can work with schools to help them develop a quality, bespoke curriculum using our comprehensive six-step process. This includes everything from establishing principles and purpose, ensuring breadth and balance and providing high-quality resources.

Save time

And you can save time too by choosing curriculum content from over 80 thematic projects that each contain a series of lessons. With everything online, you can access what you need, wherever you are, at the touch of a button.

High-quality resources

Our resources are made to match individual sessions and projects. A curriculum licence allows you to log in at any time from any device. Enjoy teaching using quality videos, presentations, reading texts, picture cards, display banners and much more.

Assessment included

With a free comprehensive skills framework and online assessment package, progress and attainment tracker, you can measure, track, analyse and share children’s attainment across the school and with parents. We’ll even provide a free online demonstration to show you how it works.

“The fact that there’s always someone at the end of the phone or at the end of an email is great.”

Louise Porter, Vice Principal, Hockley Heath Academy