Cornerstones SPaG Tests

Suitable for: England

Designed to mirror the style of the SATs papers, our spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) tests have been created to be used as a summative test at the end of every term. They will support classroom assessment, gap analysis and planning.

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Track progress against programmes of study

The tests can be used to highlight children’s individual needs and track their progress against programmes of study through the year. Results can be used to inform planning, allowing you to address the learning needs of your children.

Mirrors the style of SATs papers

Prepare children for what to expect in SATs and track progress against the programmes of study.

Termly summative tests

All year groups are tested regularly in a style which mirrors end of key stage SATs.

Attainment and Gap Analysis Tool

Highlights strengths and weaknesses across the class. Identifies gaps in learning which will support future planning.

Consistent approach to assessment

Senior leaders can track progress through school, monitor whole school strengths and weaknesses and use results to inform professional development.

What do you get?

Year 1 Tests

Two tests for spelling (one spring term and one summer term), two tests for grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary (one spring term and one summer term).

Year 2,3,4,5 and 6 Tests

Three termly tests for spelling (one autumn, one spring, and one summer), three termly tests for grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary (one autumn, one spring, and one summer).

Attainment and gap analysis

Attainment and gap analysis spreadsheet tools for each test.

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