An exciting new EYFS curriculum from Cornerstones


17th July 2020

An exciting new EYFS curriculum from Cornerstones

If you are an early adopter of the government’s reformed Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and are looking for ways to deliver it in a broad and balanced way, we have developed something to help. Our exciting new early years curriculum will be launched this month, ready to teach in September.

An exciting new EYFS curriculum from Cornerstones

So, what can you expect from our new EYFS curriculum?

Broad and balanced coverage

We’ve carefully designed this new curriculum to help you to meet the requirements of the early years reforms, while still prioritising broad and balanced provision across all seven areas of learning and a play-based ethos. The curriculum includes over 20 fully resourced projects for Nursery and Reception, all matched to the revised Early Learning Goals (ELGs) and aligned with the new, non-statutory Development Matters guidance.

Play based and language rich

The new projects are created with children’s physical, social, and emotional development in mind. They encourage a play-based approach and offer the right balance between teacher-directed and child-led learning. We’ve also put children’s language development at the heart of the curriculum, so each project is built around stories and includes plenty of communication activities.

New EYFS projects

Phonics, literacy and mathematics

The projects are vibrant and designed to inspire awe and wonder in the world, but they also help children to learn specific skills and knowledge. You’ll find lots of ideas in each project where children can apply their phonics, literacy and mathematics skills through fun, play-based activities.

How to teach the projects

Each term, you have a choice of two main and two mini projects. All activities in the projects are differentiated for both Nursery and Reception and are supporting enhanced provision ideas. To help you make each lesson your own, the content is completely editable on Curriculum Maestro, our online curriculum platform. To provide a consistent pedagogical approach, every project follows Cornerstones’ unique four stage approach to learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express.

Here’s what that looks like in practice.

Engage stage

A project begins with a memorable experience to hook the children in and spark their curiosity. During the Engage stage, children will have time to play and explore the themes within the project. You can use these activities to find out about the children’s existing knowledge and interests, to support further planning.

Develop stage

This stage offers teacher directed tasks that cover all aspects of learning and support the children to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum. Each task links to an enhanced provision idea, so that the children can develop skills and explore their learning independently. We also provide examples of key prompts and questions that help to extend children’s knowledge and challenge their thinking.

All activities are differentiated with a choice of both Nursery and Reception small group tasks. This allows you to tailor your curriculum to suit the needs of your children.

Innovate stage

After developing children’s skills and knowledge across all aspects of learning, the Innovate stage provides opportunities for children to apply them in new and exciting ways. It supports them to make links with their experiences, work collaboratively and solve problems together.

Express stage

Finally, in the Express stage, children have the chance to reflect on their learning and share their experiences with others.

The role of resources

We believe that the best approach to learning in the early years is through practical, experiential and play-based activities. However, where appropriate, the new projects include carefully designed, child focused resources to support practical tasks.

Want to find out more?

To see the projects for yourselves, ask any questions and get the best value quote for your setting, book a free online call with one of our friendly curriculum advisers at a time to suit you.

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