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Episode 32: Excellence in the Early Years

In this in-depth episode, Caroline talks to Alistair Bryce-Clegg, an established and well-known educational consultant specialising in the education of children in the Early Years. They discuss elements of good practice, such as how to support children’s common play behaviours, continuous provision, planning, resources, transition and much more! Links The Cornerstones Curriculum The Curriculum magazine… Read more

Episode 31: Are there three types of curriculum?

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Cornerstones’ Managing Director, Simon Hickton. They describe the three curriculum approaches described by Ofsted in their latest update and discuss the essential factors common to all of them. Simon and Caroline also explain how schools can decide upon their curriculum emphasis and how to use the Cornerstones Curriculum to… Read more

Episode 29: What are knowledge organisers and how can we use them in the primary classroom?

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Curriculum Manager, Catherine Scutt. They take a closer look at a resource that’s gaining popularity in primary schools: the knowledge organiser. Caroline and Catherine explain what to consider when writing knowledge organisers and share tips on how to use them best in the primary classroom. They also describe how… Read more

Cornerstones in action: How to make teacher workload work

Curriculum Lead and experienced primary teacher, Adam Newman, reflects on the current issue of teacher workload and offers practical tips for busy teachers. He describes how the Cornerstones Curriculum has helped reduce workload at his school, Farmillo Primary in Nottinghamshire. The workload issue I have to admit; I feel nervous about the recent agenda around… Read more

Episode 27: Cornerstones in action: reducing teacher workload with Adam Newman

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Adam Newman, Year 6 teacher and Curriculum Lead at Farmillo Primary in Nottinghamshire. Adam gives his take on the teacher workload issue and describes how the Cornerstones Curriculum has impacted on workload at his school. Links The Cornerstones Curriculum The Curriculum magazine Cornerstones in action: How to make teacher… Read more

How connected is your curriculum?

In recent blogs, we’ve explored the importance of curriculum principles and articulating the curriculum design process. In this edition, Melanie Moore, author of the Cornerstones Curriculum, explains the importance of designing a well-connected and robust curriculum framework. ‘Invisible threads are the strongest ties.’ Friedrich Nietzsche There’s not one person who sets out to write a… Read more