What’s new – January 2019


Hello, and a happy new year to you all. Here’s hoping you have had a restful Christmas and are starting the new year with gusto. Here are some of the new things for you, this January.

Standardised tests

We are now providing schools who utilise our termly maths, reading and SPaG tests with a spreadsheet to convert raw scores to standardised scores. Please remember standardised and scaled scores are not linked. A standardised score of 100 represents the average raw score of children taking the test, with 50% of the children achieving this score or higher. A scaled score of 100 represents the ‘threshold’ raw score that indicates an expectation is reached. Often more than 50% of children achieve this ‘threshold’ raw score. Any test result is only a part of the whole jigsaw a teacher is putting together when making judgements on a child’s attainment. At Cornerstones we aim to provide you with as many tools for your toolbox as possible. You’ll find the standardised score spreadsheet on The Hub.

Alistair Bryce-Clegg podcast

In this in-depth episode, Caroline talks to Alistair Bryce-Clegg, an established and well-known educational consultant specialising in the education of children in the Early Years. They discuss elements of good practice, such as how to support children’s common play behaviours, continuous provision, planning, resources and the transition from Reception to Y1. Alistair also discusses his work on the popular Channel 4 programme, Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds. Entertaining and inspiring, Alistair is a real treat to listen to and was a pleasure to chat with.

New assembly

Our new assembly for this month is Robert Burns Night, celebrated on the 25th January. Download this, and other January assemblies from The Hub.

Knowledge organisers

Launched just before Christmas (so technically not new but a reminder!) our Y3 and Y4 knowledge organisers are available for you to download from The Hub. If you’re looking for some advice and guidance on how to use them, then why not listen to episode 29 of our podcast: What are knowledge organisers and how can we use them in the primary classroom? Knowledge organisers for KS1 will be available later in the spring term.

Blog: How a remarkable school brought their curriculum to life

It’s always inspiring to see how other schools are doing things and with the current focus on curriculum, we take a look at how one school has brought theirs to life using Cornerstones. Our latest blog features the remarkable Lea Forest Primary Academy near Birmingham, who have designed a dynamic, creative curriculum around the needs of their children and community. You’ll also get a glimpse of their fantastic topic books! Click here to read the blog.

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Mel is Curriculum Director and the author of the Cornerstones Curriculum. She writes, edits and oversees all curriculum materials and leads our creative team. Mel has over 20 years of primary teaching experience, including as a deputy headteacher. She has also been a teacher adviser and a local authority strategy adviser.

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