Welsh History and Culture – A time travelling adventure!

If you’ve been waiting for our exciting new Welsh History and Culture projects, then wait no more! All 16 projects are available in English now with the Welsh language version following in the Autumn term.

Our Welsh History and Culture projects focus exclusively on the culture, history and economy of Wales, as well as the influences that have shaped the country today. Written to address the recommendations from ‘The Cwricwlwm Cymreig, history and the story of Wales', every project has been thoroughly researched, verified and checked by leading subject specialists and each one comes with a collection of dedicated resources.

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Developing the projects

Our talented team of writers and designers have been busy working on these fantastic new projects. However, Curriculum Director, Melanie Moore, explains: “This has been the most challenging project we've done to date. The hardest part has been the lack of source materials available for research purposes. There's lots of general information, for example, about the Vikings, but not very much information about the effects of the Viking invasions on Wales. That's when we realised how tricky it must be for teachers to tackle these topics in school, especially from a Welsh perspective.”

Creating resources

The lack of source material did not dissuade our team, however, and only reinforced their desire to create the best resources possible. Melanie said: “Our frustrations with the lack of resources and appropriate information for primary aged children has inspired us to create a phenomenal amount of materials to support teachers in the classroom.”

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“We've also managed to get the right balance between providing children with opportunities to gain historical knowledge and presenting learning opportunities in ways that will engage them.  Who could resist making a mini model of a Norman castle or meeting William the Conqueror via video link?”

“And we’ve learned a lot too! We've found out about some fascinating people from Welsh history – from Owain Glyndŵr, the people's prince of Wales to Gwenllian, the warrior princess. These Welsh legends and their importance to the history of Wales come alive through our projects. Our brilliant designers, illustrators and animators have really brought the characters to life.”

Melanie added: “If schools want to purchase the Welsh History and Culture pack then they are available now, ready to start teaching in September. We're so proud and excited to be able to launch them; we can't wait to start hearing back from schools how well they've gone in the classroom.”

The Welsh History and Culture projects are available as part of the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales. You can also purchase the pack of 16 projects separately. Download a full list of the Welsh History and Culture titles now.

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