Welsh History and Culture projects for KS1 available now – with KS2 coming very soon!

Our exciting new Welsh History and Culture Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) focus exclusively on the culture, history and economy of Wales, as well as the influences that have shaped the country today.

There will be 16 ILPs in total – the projects for Years 1 and 2 are available right now and the KS2 projects will follow at the end of the summer term. Every ILP will also be available on The Hub, with each one having its own selection of resources too.

Developing new projects

Our curriculum team has been working hard to research, develop and design the new Welsh History and Culture ILPs and the resources that accompany them. Dale French, Cornerstones’ Senior Design Assistant explains: “Teaching children about their heritage sounds like it should be easy. But then you start to carry out research and realise there are very few resources available – no photographs or illustrations and very differing accounts of the same stories.

“Here at Cornerstones, we pride ourselves on producing the best products possible. Every aspect of these new projects has been researched. Our fantastic curriculum team have worked hard to make sure the projects are both exciting for children to do and for teachers to teach. As Senior Design Assistant, it’s been my job to bring the projects to life through design and illustration.

Welsh History and Culture

Engaging designs

“The Welsh History and Culture projects have been an absolute delight for me to design and illustrate and I’ve learned lots about Welsh and British culture in the process too!

“The main focus, for me, was to make sure children would be engaged in their learning. I love putting lots of little details into my design work, especially the illustrations, as it means teachers and children alike can spot new things each time they look at the piece. I also try to put a comical touch in my work as I feel it really gets children’s attention and makes learning a lot more fun.”

A growing team

In April of this year, we expanded our team further by appointing two new designers, both of whom have been bringing their own distinctive styles to the new projects. Scott Jefferies is one of our new design assistants and he’s been creating some striking artwork. He said: “Factual accuracy has been paramount when creating the artwork for the Welsh History and Culture projects. Every project was thoroughly researched in order to lay the groundwork before I even put pencil to paper.

Imaginative artwork

“As I got started, I decided I wanted to use a different illustration technique with each project. I’ve used varying textures, colours and line-work to create atmosphere and help communicate the theme of each project.

Welsh History and Culture

“An example is the Traders and Raiders project I worked on – I created artwork that had pattern heavy textures, bright, punchy colours and block-like characters to help communicate the bold atmosphere of that particular topic. The illustrations also relate to the resources too – the runic alphabet tasks are reflected in the symbol-like patterns that run throughout the whole project, tying the whole thing together.

“The artwork needed to be as innovative, imaginative and creative as the curriculum ILPs, and I wanted my illustrations to bring them to life and thoroughly engage the children who are going to be using them.”

Cornerstones Curriculum Wales

Welsh History and Culture

Cornerstones Curriculum Wales is a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum featuring 88 themed projects and packed with 1000s of exciting teaching activities and ideas. All schools have online access to electronic versions and planning documents via The Hub, our online portal, making it easy for you to shape your curriculum to meet the needs of your school. You have the freedom to choose projects, lessons and skills that will engage children and teachers. It also helps you find the right balance between local needs and the national requirements of the Welsh curriculum.

If you have already bought the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales, look out for our fantastic new Welsh History and Culture projects arriving in school in the autumn term. Electronic copies plus a broad range of resources are available on The Hub now.

You can also download a full list of all the Welsh History and Culture titles.

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