Welsh History and Culture – our team’s favourite projects and resources

The completion of our Welsh History and Culture projects marks the end of a long journey for our curriculum writers and designers. For the past year, they have worked tirelessly on the research and development of the projects to ensure they meet curriculum requirements, as well as our own high standards.

Now the projects are finished, the team have reflected on their hard work and revealed which projects and resources were their favourites to work on.

Roses and Royals

Senior Design Officer, Dale French, explains what it was like working on the projects. He said: “Nearly a year ago, I was given the brief for the Welsh History and Culture projects and it’s been a delight to develop something so unique.

“Working on these projects has been a real eye-opener from a design perspective as it’s been crucial for our illustrations to be historically correct. I’ve had to do a lot of research to ensure all of our resources are as accurate as possible.”

When asked about his favourite project, Dale chose the Tudor focused Roses and Royals. He said: “One of my favourite things was a comic style resource showing Henry VIII in different situations. The resource has been designed so children can add speech marks and thought bubbles to portray what Henry might be saying or thinking.

hewnry and drawings

“The key, for me, was to take his strongest features and simplify the rest. By keeping the colour and size of his head, coat and necklace the same, the other details weren’t as important, resulting in a comically engaging, educational piece that’s still historically accurate.”

Pits and Ponies

Creative Writer, Steve Hawthorne, has also been involved in the development of the Welsh History and Culture projects. He found the process challenging yet rewarding. Steve says: “Working on the Welsh History and Culture projects has produced a few ‘pulling hair out’ moments, but has ultimately been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience.

“I can’t explain how satisfying a journey it has been, to be led from the Silures to the miners, taking in St David, Owain Glyndŵr, Rhodri the Great, and many others in between. I’ve learned about Mabinogion, Black Bart, Twm Sion Cati, and the fact that the Romans were the first to introduce morons into Wales. ‘Morons’ are carrots by the way…”

Pits and ponies

For Steve, his background helped influence his choice of favourite project: “If I had to choose just one ILP, it would have to be Pits and Ponies. I come from a small ex-mining town and this project emphasised how an industry can develop, thrive, prosper and subsequently disappear in what, for history, is the blinking of any eye.”

steve-writing copy

Traders and Raiders

Design Assistant, Scott Jefferies worked on illustrating the new projects. He said: ”The Welsh History and Culture projects were an interesting journey from start to finish and, because of this, a real pleasure to work on. I thoroughly enjoyed creating work for the projects but if I had to pick a favourite part, it would be illustrating the Traders and Raiders pack.

scott drawing copy copy

“Traders and Raiders really jumps off the page at you in a burst of vibrant colours and patterns. It gave me the opportunity to create a variety of lively and exciting characters using new techniques and the final pieces I produced were quite different from the illustration styles I’ve previously worked in. It was a wonderful way to expand my creativity and my favourite resource is the The Vikings are coming! video, which I created using these new animation techniques.”

The full video will be uploaded to The Hub so look out for it appearing very soon. In the meantime, have a sneak peek at Scott’s animation here:

The Romans are Coming!

Design Assistant, Alex Wright, says his favourite project is The Romans are Coming! Alex explains: “I’ve really enjoyed creating new designs for the Welsh History and Culture projects and I’m thrilled with the design and number of finished resources that we’ve already completed!

“I’ve worked hard to keep my designs eye-catching and interesting by using images and illustrations that complement both the text and the history theme. I’ve also tried to ensure that all the resources I’ve designed are easy enough for children to read and understand.


“My favourite project is definitely The Romans are coming! For that project, I really enjoyed creating the non chronological report about the Roman invasion of Wales. I’ve learned lots of new facts and information myself so I worked hard to incorporate all of that into my design and I’m really pleased with the finished resource.”


Melanie Moore, Curriculum Director says: “Schools will be delighted with the excellent range of teaching resources available for these projects. They will save teachers huge amounts of time and energy in creating their own. I’m so proud of what we’ve created and looked forward to schools starting to use them.”

Welsh History and Culture



All 16 Welsh History and Culture projects are available in English now, with the Welsh language version following in the Autumn term.

The projects focus exclusively on the culture, history and economy of Wales, as well as the influences that have shaped the country today. Written to address the recommendations from ‘The Cwricwlwm Cymreig, history and the story of Wales’, every project has been thoroughly researched, verified and checked by leading subject specialists and each one comes with a collection of dedicated resources.

The Welsh History and Culture projects are available as part of the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales. You can also purchase the pack of 16 projects separately. Download a full list of the Welsh History and Culture titles now.

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