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Meet our team and get free samples

Find out more about our new Cornerstones Curriculum Wales at a Cornerstones Information Session. You’ll get to meet our team, ask as many questions as you like and even take away some free sample resources. Plus, as an extra treat you’ll get 15% off our Skills Curriculum. If your school already uses Cornerstones, we’ll make it 25% off.

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Your Cornerstones Curriculum Wales

The Donaldson Report, ‘Successful Futures’, outlines the importance of Welsh schools developing their own curriculum. Cornerstones Curriculum Wales gives you the freedom to choose projects, lessons and skills that will engage children. It helps you find the right balance between local needs and the national requirements of the Welsh curriculum.

1000s of exciting teaching ideas

The curriculum features more than 80 themed projects packed with 1000s of exciting teaching activities and ideas. Designed to help you plan ahead and free up time, you can choose what you teach in line with your children's interests and abilities.

What are you waiting for?

Take a look at our upcoming information sessions on our events page. If there isn’t one near you, why not host one? Contact us to find out more about the benefits of holding your own Cornerstones Information Session.