The new Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum – one Foundation Stage Leader gives her verdict


The new Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum gives you everything you need to create your own stimulating, engaging and aspirational Early Years environment. There are 28 imaginative learning projects (ILPs), 14 for Nursery and 14 for Reception, all crafted and themed around children’s questions and the world around them.

Emma Reynolds, Foundation Stage Leader at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Edlington, trialled one of the new Nursery projects. Here’s her verdict:

How many pebbles on the beach?

How many pebbles on a beach

I’ve been a very lucky teacher this term as I’ve had the opportunity to trial one of the brand new Cornerstones EYFS ILPs – How many pebbles on the beach?


We started the project with the most wonderful memorable experience – a day trip to sunny Cleethorpes. All of our nursery children (and parents) were excited about having a day at the seaside and even the torrential rain during our coach journey didn’t dampen our enthusiasm.

We spent time on the beach with our spotter’s sheets, rode donkeys, collected seaside treasures, had a picnic and ate ice creams. To finish off our day, we took a ride on a road train and visited the outdoor paddling pool.

Every child joined in and had lots of completely new experiences. Most definitely a precious memory making day.



The Develop stage was where we began to try some of the suggested activities.

Beachcomber’s basket worked beautifully on the morning following our day at the beach. I used a large wicker basket, covered it with fishing netting and filled it with different items. The children then explored and questioned all the items I’d put inside and were really amused to find some of the objects I’d included.

Fishy business was simply fantastic! The children were mesmerised by a trout. They used tweezers and magnifying glasses to examine the fish and asked lots of questions. They also used some fabulous language to describe the colours, textures, patterns and smell. One boy was so fascinated he laid his head on the table at the side of the fish and began stroking it, talking about the lovely colours.

Seashore tile proved to be a really exciting activity which demonstrated the children’s individual skills and ideas. Some children made repeating patterns, some used many different shells, and others used just one shell they really liked.

Let’s go fishing was great fun. We had lots of tiny hand held fishing nets and 60 sorting fish. Glitter added an exciting dimension to their fishing. Some children decided to sort the fish into different buckets, with each bucket containing the same type of fish. There was lots of counting and sorting going on as well as teamwork and great conversations between the children.


Wow! What a lot of pebbles we had!

I used a sack of pebbles from a garden centre along with the pebbles and shells we collected at the beach. The children had a whole morning of fun sorting, counting, gluing, sharing and painting. They were all super involved with the activity.



Some children created invitations for parents, inviting them to come and see what we had learnt and enjoyed this term. Each child made a mini book using photos from the memorable experience alongside their favourite memories, which we shared with all the parents. I also put together a photo-story of the day to show to them.

Continuous provision enhancements

Straight after our seaside trip we developed our role play area. We decided on a beach theme and put together a list of all the things the children suggested we would need. We ended up with a beach made of hessian, mini parasol chairs, sun hats, grass skirts, fish, sea made of fishy patterned curtains, a large ship made from cardboard, an ice cream stall and even a chip shop.

This has been such a wonderful role play area. The children have created so many lovely scenarios and communicated really well whilst playing.


What fun we’ve had! The suggested enhancements in the ILP were just brilliant. We all loved this project and I’m sure you will too. I’m really looking forward to the fantastic new ILPs, not to mention the gorgeous resources that will be available on The Hub as well. I can’t wait! Thank you to the Cornerstones team.

Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum


The Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum is a new creative curriculum that gives you everything you need to create your own stimulating, engaging and aspirational Early Years environment. It features 28 ILPs (14 Nursery and 14 Reception), all crafted and themed around children's questions and the world around them.

It’s been carefully designed with practitioners in mind, with the projects providing a range of quality group and enhanced provision activities. These enable children to practise and master the necessary skills needed to achieve the early learning goals.

Using our previous EYFS Curriculum?

The Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum is a brand new product. If your school already uses our interest-based learning projects, you can get the new EYFS curriculum and supporting documents with a discount of up to half the price.

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