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7th January 2013 Sarah Neild
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Lyndon Green Junior School, Birmingham & Day 1
What a fun way to start the New Year: two days at Lyndon Green Junior School, Birmingham, with colleagues from across some of the other schools in the region.

Lyndon Green Junior School is a large three form entry School in the heart of Sheldon, a suburb of Birmingham. As well as three mainstream classes in each year, it also has a resource base with children that have specific Cognition and Learning needs. It provides a huge warm welcome to anyone ever wishing to visit, to see an ever evolving school adapting to the needs of its pupils and the wishes of the staff. We were certainly made very welcome, and are looking forward to coming back tomorrow and working with the children.

Thank you to head teacher, Gerrard Rothwell, for inviting us to come spend time in this fascinating school, a school that is already doing some remarkable things.

What is striking about Lyndon Green, is its desire to improve and move forward continually. The children play a huge part in directing the school, moving it forward and helping it achieve its many aims that it sets for itself. It has a real desire to enable the children to succeed at their own level by developing a curriculum that allows them to engage and explore at their own pace, whilst learning new life skills that will allow them to exhibit their own knowledge and learning through outcomes that they have chosen.

It's currently adopted Cornerstones Curriculum, has allowed children to engage in learning that is stimulating, increasing pupil participation, pupil talk and parental engagement. This approach has enabled teachers to teach rather than simply facilitate pupils learning.

Lyndon Green has shown its commitment to the environmental cause, by achieving The Green Flag award for the first time and embracing outdoor education, through its outstanding Forest School delivery, ensuring that all children learn and develop skills outdoors, whatever the weather.

Lyndon Green embraces all forms of technology, Teachers and pupils can be seen confidently using the latest technology to enhance learning. Recent developments have seen its ICT leader attending the German National conference of Its Learning to share how a school in a suburb of Birmingham has implemented a VLE to support pupils learning. Developing its twitter site @Lyndongreen1; opening the doors of classrooms to the world has been a recent success.

As Gerrard says: “The purpose of asking Tim and Sarah to join the Lyndon Green community, is to help move the school in its use of ICT from enhancing learning to making it integral to the learning and teaching of our pupils”.

The staff and pupils of Lyndon Green Junior School are also joined by staff from; Stanville Primary, Acocks Green Primary, Lakey Lane Primary and Gilbertstone Primary school, all schools in its local consortia as well as staff from Twickenham Primary School from the north of the city. All schools attending have the shared desire to inspire their children through ICT and to make it integral to the learning process.

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