Teaching resources on The Hub hit the 1000 mark

The Hub - Over 1000 primary teaching resources.

Schools who purchase the Cornerstones Curriculum get one year's exclusive access to our dedicated online space, The Hub. It features electronic versions of all of our Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs), as well as curriculum documents and a range of teaching resources.

We're constantly updating The Hub by creating and adding more dedicated resources for all our ILPs. The number available now stands at more than 1000!

To mark this milestone, we asked members of our Curriculum team to pick a favourite resource to help showcase just what our schools can access.

Year 1 – Weather paintings for Splendid Skies

Catherine Scutt chose ‘Weather paintings & picture cards' from the ILP Splendid Skies as her favourite Year 1 resource: “These stunning picture cards give children a range of paintings to look at and describe, and will help inspire them to paint their own weather masterpieces! They support the Art and Design lesson in the Engage stage, the first stage of learning in the Cornerstones philosophy.”


Year 2 – Shops in the past for Street Detectives

Helen Bell chose the presentation, ‘Shops in the past', from the Year 2 ILP, Street Detectives: “This bright and stimulating presentation supports the History lesson in the Develop stage. It asks children to compare shops past and present, getting them to think about how the way we shop has changed over the years. It's a really useful resource.”


Year 3 – Gossip magazine articles for Heroes and Villains

Caroline Pudner picked ‘Gossip magazine article' from the Year 3 ILP, Heroes and Villains, as her favourite: “It's a humorous example of a biographical article from a gossip magazine, tailor-made for Year 3 children. The text includes key language features and provides a model for the children to publish their own articles. It's a fantastic resource that supports English lessons in the Engage stage.”


Year 4 – Kings in waiting for 1066

Talia Connelly chose the presentation, ‘Kings in waiting & the race for the English crown', from the Year 4 ILP, 1066: “This short presentation introduces children to the succession problem following Edward the Confessor's death in a fun and engaging way. It supports both the English and History lessons in the Engage stage, which is double-handy!”


Year 5 – Black death symptoms for Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Bev Dodd went for a resource from the Year 5 ILP, Peasants, Princes and Pestilence, Historical accounts of Black Death symptoms': “This information sheet provides a detailed collection of first-hand accounts about the Black Death. It's an excellent resource for teaching children how to retrieve and judge information sources, as well as how to develop their descriptive language. That's why it's been designed to support English lessons in the Develop stage. It's also a great time-saving resource for teachers, which is always a bonus.”


Year 6 – ‘The Heart' for Blood Heart

Finally, Jenny Bailey worked on the Year 6 ILP, Blood Heart, and decided ‘The Heart', a fantastic non-chronological report, was her favourite: “It details the function of the heart in a clear, colourful way and has been written with Year 6 children in mind to support both the English and Science lessons in the Engage stage. It's a useful resource and looks great & it was a pleasure to work on.”


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