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Nursery activity – Seaside collectors

On a trip to the seaside, provide our fantastic collecting sheets for children to seek, find and pick up a range of interesting things from the seashore. Provide easy grip tweezers, buckets, small rakes and trowels for digging and carrying. Alternatively, create your own seashore environment using play sand, pebbles, shells, driftwood, crabs and seaweed.… Read more

Nursery activity – Maths on the move!

Create a large number square in the hall or outdoor space using chalk or by placing numbered mats on the ground. Encourage the children to walk, hop or skip as they follow the numbers in sequence. Give more challenging and targeted commands, such as, ‘Run to square number 6,’ or ‘Hop to square number 4′.… Read more

Nursery activity – Castle builders!

Display pictures of fantasy castles along with small wooden blocks, cylinders and other 3-D shapes. Ask a small group of children to choose one of the castle pictures to copy and encourage them to use shape-related and positional language as they build. See how well they work together with others. Switch the lights off at… Read more