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free reception activity

Reception activity – Baa bingo!

Give the children the included bingo cards with pictures of farm animals on and some counters. Play the recorded animal sounds provided. When children think they know which animal made the noise they can put a counter on the picture of that animal. Whoever covers a line first is the winner! Download a handy PDF… Read more

managing enhanced provision

Top 5 tips for managing enhanced provision in EYFS

We recently released 30 updated EYFS curriculum projects. Each one features directed activities, supported by ideas for continuous and enhanced provision. In this blog, experienced Early Years advisor and Cornerstones Director Melanie Moore shares her advice for getting the most out of your enhanced provision. What is enhanced provision? If your answer is something along… Read more

reception activity

Reception activity – Seashore food chains

Using the picture cards provided, ask the children to think about who eats who and to choose cards that match up. For example, a gull will eat small fish, seaweed or even leftover human food. A crab will eat sandworms and plankton. Observe the children’s choices, listen to their explanations and address any misconceptions. Provide… Read more

free reception activity

Reception activity – Who am I?

Place the pictures of minibeasts provided in a series of secret envelopes. Pass the envelopes around a small circle of children. Ask each child to open their envelope and take out the picture inside, making sure they hide it from the other children. Encourage children to describe their minibeast by its appearance, special features and… Read more

reception activity

Reception activity – Transport hunt!

Ask the children to guess how many vehicles they might see in and around school. Walk around the school grounds, visit the car park and bike racks and spend time looking at the vehicles that pass by. Use the included picture spotting sheet to create a tally of what they see. Then ask them to… Read more


The new Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum – one Foundation Stage Leader gives her verdict

The new Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum gives you everything you need to create your own stimulating, engaging and aspirational Early Years environment. There are 28 imaginative learning projects (ILPs), 14 for Nursery and 14 for Reception, all crafted and themed around children’s questions and the world around them. Emma Reynolds, Foundation Stage Leader at St Mary’s… Read more

nursery activity

Nursery activity – Up, up and away!

Invite the children to look at a variety of aerial photographs – there are some brilliant photos available online to buy from school resource companies. Use images that are a good size and show buildings and land features clearly. Let the children look closely at the photographs and ask questions about what they can see.… Read more

Nursery activity – Chocolate bunnies

Gather children in a small group to explore what happens when chocolate melts and freezes. Encourage the children to observe what happens as chocolate drops melt in a bowl (melt the chocolate over a bowl of hot water with caution). While the chocolate is still melted, offer the children the chance to pour it into… Read more