SMSC and fundamental British values

All state-funded schools are required to prepare pupils for ‘life in Britain'.

The Department for Education states that schools should do this through their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development that includes promoting the fundamental British values (FBV) of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance.

Cornerstones SMSC and FBV package

To help schools promote and deliver SMSC and FBV, Cornerstones is developing a comprehensive package of resources including:

  • a set of coded skills based on the ‘Defining spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ section of the Ofsted School inspection handbook
  • SMSC pedagogy wheel
  • subject co-ordinator checklists
  • Love to Celebrate RE scheme (sold separately)
  • special FBV projects 'Democracy Rules!'

Putting SMSC and FBV at the heart of your school's curriculum

The Cornerstones pedagogy is central to our curriculum and enables schools to put SMSC and FBV at the heart of everything they do. The wheel enables schools using Cornerstones to show Ofsted how SMSC and FBV are embedded in the school ethos and philosophy.

Click below to watch our short video 'SMSC and FBV in the Cornerstones Curriculum' to see how this works.

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Promoting SMSC and FBV through the curriculum

The curriculum is delivered through over 80 exciting Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs). Many of these, give schools the opportunity to promote aspects of SMSC and FBV. For example, in Year 1 children learn about right, wrong, rules and laws in the exciting ‘Superheroes’ project. They also learn about people from another culture in the lively, ‘Rio de Vida’.

In Year 5, children learn about having and losing individual liberty in the Tudor project ‘Off with Her Head’ and in Year 6, children explore and appreciate the wide range of cultural influences that shape their own and other’s heritage, in the poignant project, ‘A Child’s War’.

Promoting SMSC and FBV through Love to Celebrate

Our brand new product, Love to Celebrate, helps schools actively promote SMSC and FBV through a range of faith-based projects.

The 39 projects will help you develop a relevant, tailor-made religious education curriculum for your school.

With an online coverage checker and a range of colourful and child-friendly resources, Love to Celebrate helps pupils develop mutual respect for and tolerance of people with different faiths and beliefs.

About Love to Celebrate

Coming soon

Coming soon! Democracy Rules!
Special whole school project pack.

Here at Cornerstones we are confident that our curriculum can promote SMSC and FBV but we also feel that some SMSC skills may need more specific teaching. That’s why we have developed our new fundamental British values pack, Democracy Rules!

Each project contains a memorable experience, three develop sessions, a ‘Big debate’ Innovate stage and an Express session to help children learn more about making and breaking rules, the rule of law, what happens when people don’t agree with the law, democracy and the right to vote.

Coming soon! Cornerstones Yoimoji

We are currently working on a brand new product called Cornerstones Yoimoji, specifically designed to help schools promote SMSC and FBV. The Yoimoji are a series of characters that each represent a specific value, such as ‘kind’, ‘brave’, ‘resilient’ and ‘democratic’.

We think the Yoimoji are going to transform the way schools engage pupils in SMSC and FBV.

Cornerstones Yoimoji will be available later this year.

Cornerstones Curriculum

A broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum with a creative edge. Comprising of over 80 themed projects and 1000s of lesson ideas mapped to the national curriculum.

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Love to Celebrate

Actively promote SMSC and FBV through 39 faith-based projects which will help you develop a relevant, tailor-made religious education curriculum for your school.

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DfE Guidance

The DfE states that schools should promote the fundamental British values (FBV) of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance.

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“Ofsted love the curriculum and it is what brought us through as a 'good' school.”

Richard Osler, Deputy Headteacher
Broad Oak Primary School

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“I believe it made a major contribution to our school moving from 'Requires Improvement' back to 'Good'.”

David Hall, Head Teacher
Brackensdale ER Junior School

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“Cornerstones allows us to be creative and explore exciting themes through a robust teaching framework.”

Dominic Broad, Acting Deputy Head Teacher
Barry Island Primary School

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“Cornerstones re-energised our curriculum and motivated the children.”

Lesley Sinclair,
Rose Wood Academy

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“The topics are FLYING at our school! An amazing curriculum for amazing children.”

Mrs McGuigan, Headteacher
The Gordon School Federation

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“Cornerstones gave us all a fresh start and we've never looked back.”

Jill Bramwell, Deputy Head
Blackrod Primary School

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“My daughter is totally engaged with the curriculum and coming home so happy ”

Karin, Parent of Year 5 pupil
St. Michael's RC Primary

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