Former Welsh rugby star to give keynote speech at the Cornerstones Curriculum Conference

The first ever Cornerstones Curriculum Conference takes place in Swansea next month and we’re delighted to have former Welsh rugby international Scott Quinnell as our keynote speaker.

Why Scott Quinnell?

So why would an education company based in Yorkshire, choose a Welsh international rugby superstar to deliver the opening speech at their first education conference?

On first appearances, this may seem a peculiar choice. But dig a little deeper, and the selection of Scott Quinnell begins to make much more sense.

Although synonymous with Welsh international rugby, it’s Scott’s work with young people that has captured Cornerstones’ imagination and made him the number one choice for our keynote orator.

Inspired by Scott’s work with the young and disadvantaged, through his work with the UK Charity School of Hard Knocks and his reputation as an inspiring speaker on the subject of Dyslexia, Scott is sure to have inspiring views about education, pupil motivation and awakening the passions of children and young people.

Cornerstones Curriculum Conference

Feeling that our raison d'être are perfectly aligned, Cornerstones is thrilled to have Scott open our conference on Friday 18th November at the Village Hotel Club in Swansea, with places free to those using Cornerstones products.

As well as having the opportunity to hear Scott, the conference will help schools get up to speed with some of the most recent changes to the Welsh curriculum and to find out how Cornerstones can support the implementation of change.

To see the agenda for the day and for details of all the workshop sessions taking place, download our information pack.

Book your free place online now or call us on 03333 20 8000.

For more on Scott and his professional career, see our latest blog post.


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