Evidence of school’s success with Cornerstones – a teacher’s view

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Hockley Heath Academy adopted the Cornerstones Curriculum and Assessment package in September 2015. The impact on staff, parents and children has been so positive the school has since decided to implement the Cornerstones EYFS Curriculum as well.

Roulla Gabriel, Principal at Hockley Heath Academy, invited us to visit the school to see first-hand the impact the Cornerstones Curriculum has had. The full report of our visit will be available on Friday, but every day this week, we'll be giving you a sneak peek of our interviews with staff, parents and children at the school.

Today's video clip features Vice Principal, Louise Porter. Watch the video below or click to view on YouTube.

A transcript of the video clip can be found below.

Hockley Heath and Cornerstones – a teacher's view

Video transcript

The actual units themselves have had a real impact on the children, and the teachers, in terms of, they’re very motivated, they’re very enthused, they’re very engaged, and several of the teachers have actually commented to me on how engaged they are with their teaching now, to have a much more creative element to what they’re teaching in the classrooms.

In terms of the pupils, you go round school and they’re all really enthusiastic to talk to you about what they’re learning about and it’s just a really nice whole school feel. We’ve all adopted the same creative curriculum and everybody’s always really interested to find what all of the other children are doing.

The corridor displays that we’ve got going around the classrooms and around the corridors show that real whole school feel, certainly for Years 1 up to 6.

And so now it’s something we’d like to consider actually, for getting into the Foundation curriculum for Nursery and Reception as well, because they’re so enthused about the way that we’ve all changed our teaching styles they would like to do something similar.

Interviews from Hockley Heath

Remember to check back tomorrow for the next video clip from our Hockley Heath interviews – parents' views on the Cornerstones Curriculum.

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