Schools must plan curriculum and be able to show inspectors, says Harford


Last week Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director of Education, spoke about Ofsted’s plans for inspection. He said Ofsted would increasingly look for evidence of ‘strategic decision-making' in a school’s curriculum design, something that was likely to be part of a new inspection framework in September 2019.

In his speech, Harford stated that leaders would need to ‘know what their curriculum is and what the intent is’ and be able to ‘articulate that really clearly' to inspectors.

See below how schools using the Cornerstones Curriculum can demonstrate Ofsted's requirements.

Step 1 Structure

Schools can evidence a clear and consistent pedagogical structure, by embedding the Four Cornerstones of Learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. The Cornerstones pedagogy wheel also demonstrates how children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) is at the heart of the school’s work.

Step 2 Intent

By editing the Curriculum and Assessment Policies provided on the Cornerstones Hub, schools can create bespoke policies that set out their curriculum aims and objectives with confidence.

Step 3 Design

Schools select projects to help them deliver their curriculum aims and objectives. Where a school wishes to strengthen their curriculum further, they can add to choices from a range of other curriculum products.

Step 4 Review

To check their curriculum design ensures a broad and balanced curriculum, schools can use the Cornerstones online coverage checker. The coverage checker will highlight any gaps in national curriculum coverage, giving schools the knowledge they need to make any further project choices or strategic decisions.

Step 5 Implement

Schools can use the series of weekly plans set out in projects to prepare purposeful lessons. With all lessons linked to national curriculum programmes of study and end of year expectations, lessons are age appropriate and easy to plan.

Step 6 Impact and achievement

Our online assessment platform links directly to the Cornerstones Curriculum. Schools can use the assessment platform to monitor children's progress, inform planning and report to parents.

Download leaflet

Download this at a glance ‘Design your curriculum with Cornerstones’ leaflet to find out more.

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