Cornerstones Book Club – review of Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold by Steve Webb and Chris Mould

review of spangles mcnasty & the fish of gold

Our latest book review, courtesy of Waterstones bookseller Leilah Skelton, is of the wonderfully-titled Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold by Steve Webb and Chris Mould. It's a humorous book perfect for Key Stage 2 children. Here’s what Leilah has to say about the book…

5 gold stars!

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Leilah Skelton, Senior Bookseller.

Spangles McNasty sets out on a mission to snaffle goldfish, grow them up to the size of whales, then cash them in for their staggering value.

See, Spangles doesn't realise that goldfish only grow *so* big, or that the ‘gold' in their name isn't actual gold. Even with the help of the seafaring Sausage Face Pete, his plans may be derailed by a feisty pink-haired seaside stallholder, a possibly-actually-time-travelling jet-ski, and the biggest most immovable obstacle known to humankind… The Young Lad with Determination.

Steve Webb has packed in silliness, sleuthiness and non-stop action, and this is the first book EVER that has made me laugh out loud before I've even read the first sentence of the story. (There is a brilliant gag on the dedication page. If it makes you laugh too, you're sure to find yourself snorting with laughter at regular intervals as you read this.)

Heavily spangled throughout with the brilliant inky scribbly illustrations of Chris Mould, this is the start of a series featuring the best rotter I’ve met in ages.

Move over Twits! Step aside Mr. Gum! Spangles is here and he’s one in a ‘bullion'!

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