Cornerstones Book Club – review of Snow by Sam Usher

We may not have had a white Christmas this year but the latest book reviewed as part of Cornerstones Book Club is all about the white stuff. Snow by Sam Usher is a wonderful picture book suitable for Foundation Stage children and links perfectly with our Nursery ILP, Where does snow go?

Here’s what Waterstones bookseller Leilah Skelton, has to say about it…

Extraordinary and beautiful.

Freshly fallen snow is a blank canvas to be marked by evidence of play, right? When we are first shown the vast blankness beyond his front door, cleverly non-illustrated by Sam Usher, we feel the young boy’s desperation to get outside.

As the route to the park past his door is churned up by ever more feet, the boy’s frustrated eagerness is contrasted by his grandfather’s calm, unhurried nature. There are some subtly layered lessons here about age, energy, preparedness, and patience.

The vibrancy of the pictures reminds me of Quentin Blake. Like the boy at its centre, this book is full of energy, and movement, and wonder, and surprise. (As an aside, if you’ve not seen Usher’s ‘Can You See Sassoon?’ then please do. It is a personal favourite because of these illustrative skills.)

I love that despite the differences that their ages present, both boy and grandfather have a great adventure in ‘Snow’. It’s true that all throughout the spectrum of age, and the menagerie of life, a snowball slushing is universally enjoyed. This is a wonderful wintertime book.

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