Retiring The Hub, Cornerstones Assessment and Cornerstones ID

Last Revised: August 23, 2021

Retiring The Hub, Cornerstones Assessment and Cornerstones ID

A lot has changed since we launched The Hub in 2014. Back then, Cornerstones was still a publishing company and sending printed resources out to schools.

Fast forward to 2019 when we launched Curriculum Maestro, followed by Cwricwlwm Maestro for Wales in 2020. Maestro is an online curriculum platform that supersedes The Hub. It includes everything a school needs to design, deliver and manage a bespoke curriculum that meets the new educational requirements.

So, after a year of winding them down, The Hub, Cornerstones Assessment and Cornerstones ID are being retired as of today 31st August 2021.

What this means for customers

How do I access the Cornerstones projects and resources?

You can find all of your projects and resources on Maestro. They are provided in a standard PDF format, which means no more LockLizard!

Most of our schools already have access to Maestro, however, if you haven’t registered or received your invitation link, speak to a member of your SLT to set you up.

If you’ve not yet moved to Maestro, please get in touch with our support team by phone 03333 20 8000 or by email,

We’re also offering free online training with a Curriculum Adviser to help you get started.

Can I still access The Hub or Cornerstones Assessment?

No, these sites have now been retired and will be stored for six months before being fully destroyed.

Any schools that used Cornerstones Assessment can contact our assessment team ( to request a copy of their data or ask us to move this data into Maestro.

How do I access the Cornerstones projects and resources?

On Maestro, go to Design and lead > View and compare projects. Here you can use the Search, or filter by year group or project type to find the project you need.

Within a project, you can find all the lessons broken down by stage or by subject, and a tab containing all the resources.

Note: There is a range of additional knowledge-rich and skills focused projects on Maestro. You can filter by ILP to only show the projects that used to be available on The Hub.

How can I print the project (ILP)?

We no longer produce the projects in a printable format, as they are designed to be live for all staff online.

Having live projects provides the opportunity to see the sequence of lessons either by pedagogical stage or subject. Teachers can view lessons using the tabs like pages in a book to get a feel for the entire project. This will enable them to decide what they are teaching and give them the ability to hide or add their own lessons to create a teaching narrative.

The narrative can be mapped out across the term using the timetable feature. Once this has been done, the planned lessons can be marked as taught. This means that both teachers and SLT can get an accurate picture of their actual coverage in school across all subjects. It also enables teachers to make an end of term judgment based on pupils’ attainment of the curriculum.

All this functionality is not possible to achieve on paper. Removing the need for paper copies is more sustainable and it enables your staff to monitor teaching and learning as children progress through school.

Why are we retiring these products?

At Cornerstones, we must keep up with the changing pace of education and government requirements. Designing a curriculum that meets these requirements isn’t easy. It is a complicated process that needs to be carefully thought through and involves much strategic decision making. The Hub couldn’t meet this level of expectation anymore, and that’s why we’ve developed Maestro.

Almost all of the features that were available through Cornerstones ID, Cornerstones Assessment and The Hub have been included in the design and ongoing development of Maestro. However, we’ve also listened to customer feedback to develop new tools that will save time and support teaching and learning. For example, we have:

  • Removed LockLizard
  • Added a fully sequenced curriculum which includes new knowledge-rich projects and early years curriculum projects
  • Added a tool to help you track not just intended but actual, live coverage and progression
  • Included a feature for teachers to tailor projects
  • Made day to day assessment even quicker and easier to do

The majority of our customers have now moved to Curriculum Maestro. This is to ensure they’re up to date with the latest content and use the ever-growing number of tools available to help with curriculum design, management and assessment.

If you need any support with getting started on Maestro, please get in touch with our team by phone 03333 20 8000 or by email,

  • Expert advice
  • Tailored to you
  • At a time to suit you

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    We are in a much better place with CM than with our old curriculum. We will be making it more bespoke in the second year.

    Conrad Fox – Headteacher, Hunmanby Primary School, England


    I have used Cornerstones from its first launch. The product has been refined over time as it is driven by feedback from schools and teachers delivering the content. The company is also responsive to a school's needs.

    Lindsey Wain – Deputy headteacher, Hartburn Primary School, England


    Maestro is a real time saver, particularly for leadership teams and subject leaders. There is a wealth of information and resources which can be used and adapted by creative skills teachers. The way the curriculum is mapped is excellent and was commented on in a very recent Ofsted inspection.

    Charlotte Gibbins – Thurlstone Primary School, England


    I have recommended and told many other schools and school staff about it. I would always though suggest that they need to ensure it is right for their school setting and the needs of their staff and pupils.

    Kathryn – Teacher, Langton Primary School


    It has been a revelation. Staff are finding their way through it and if we have any questions, the support from Cornerstones is amazing. We always get answers to our questions. It is now our one-stop-shop for curriculum with linked up thinking and approach through an intuitive and user-friendly system.

    Moira Cross – Executive head, Dordon Primary School