Reading comprehension in KS1 and KS2 – help your children prepare for the new SATs papers

In the 2016 SATs, only 66% of pupils met the expected standards for reading. The content, question wording and time constraints all placed extra pressure on children and teachers. Though this increased to 71% in 2017, standards are still significantly lower in reading than in SPaG and Maths. 

Schools need quality tests with tools to ensure that the tests support accurate judgements and inform future teaching and learning.

Tests that mirror the new SATs papers

Cornerstones Reading Tests have been developed to give children the best chance of assessment success and enable them to develop their skills using tests that match the new SATs papers.

They have been reviewed to match the 2017 KS1 and KS2 papers.

Matched to government expectations

The tests match the government expectations in a number of ways:

  • Content domain – the parts of the programme of study that will be covered in the test
  • Cognitive domain – the cognitive demand of each question
  • Question type – the range of questions used in the SATs to assess reading
  • Question wording and layout – questions worded and presented as they are in the SATs
  • Reading booklets – high quality, engaging texts that cover a range of genres
  • Mark schemes – detailed exemplification to support teachers

Track progress with our attainment and gap analysis tool

Our termly summative tests for Years 1 to 6 can be used to track progress through the year. The test package includes an electronic Attainment and Gap Analysis Tool that clearly highlights where your children need support. Armed with this information, you can quickly put plans in place to help them close gaps. Conversion Tables are also included, which will give an age-related expectation based on the child’s score.

Buy for the whole school or per year group

The tests are available as a complete pack for Years 1 to 6 and include the Attainment and Gap Analysis Tool and Conversion Tables. Alternatively, tests may be purchased for individual year groups. Cornerstones have also developed tests for SPaG and Mathematics. These can be purchased individually or as a package with the Reading Tests.

Summer and autumn term papers are now available to download from The Hub.

Find out more

For more information about Cornerstones Reading Tests, including prices, and to download your free sample papers, visit our Reading Test product page.