Cornerstones Reading Tests

Suitable for: England

Designed to mirror the style and content of the SATs papers, our reading tests have been created as a summative assessment for the end of every term. They will support classroom assessment, gap analysis and planning.

Track progress

The tests can be used to highlight children’s individual needs and track their progress through the year. Results can be used to inform planning, allowing you to address the learning needs of your children.

Mirrors the style of SATs papers

To prepare children for the SATs, our reading tests have been created using the government content domain (the parts of the programme of study that are assessed). The question types, cognitive demand and breakdown of marks also match the government expectations.

Termly summative tests

All year groups are tested regularly, in a style which mirrors the end of Key Stage SATs. Includes raw score to standardised score conversions.

Attainment and Gap Analysis Tool

This highlights strengths and weaknesses across the class. It identifies gaps in learning, which will support future planning.

Consistent approach to assessment

Senior leaders can track progress through school, monitor whole school strengths and weaknesses and use results to inform professional development. Includes raw score to standardised score conversions.

What do you get?

Year 1 tests

Spring and Summer term tests are available for Year 1.

Year 2 tests

To match the SATs, six Year 2 tests have been developed. Papers 1 and 2 have been created for the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 tests

Three termly tests have been developed for each year group. The Autumn, Spring and Summer papers have been created for the end of each term.

Curriculum Maestro

Reading Tests are only available as part of Curriculum Maestro or Curriculum Maestro Lite, our revolutionary online platform helping schools design, deliver and manage their curriculum.

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