Love to Investigate

Suitable for: England, Wales

126 scientific investigations that encourage children to be curious, ask questions and explore the world around them.

It's science. But not as you know it.

Get your class excited about science with our series of practical, exciting investigations. They cover tricky topics in new and unusual ways, including evolution, mechanisms and air resistance. You'll also have no problems getting kids up to speed and interested in what conducts electricity, why milk goes off or why we should exercise!

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Easy to use and understand

Practical science can be tricky to teach, especially if you're a non-specialist. It's hard to feel as in control of lessons as you'd like like and sometimes you need equipment that you can't access. That's why all Love to Investigate activities come with background knowledge for teachers who haven't taught the topic before and most feature resources that are easily available.

Develop investigative skills

Engaging warm-up tasks help children develop the skills they need for working independently on the main practical investigation. We've included a child-friendly, scientific method board into every project for the children to follow, as well as key vocabulary for them to learn, use and remember when working scientifically.

Written and tested by Dr Fran

Love to Investigate is written and tested by Dr Fran Barnes, Cornerstones' expert in primary science. Fran is a molecular and cell biologist with a passion for hands-on, practical science in the classroom. She has taught practical science to all ages and delivered CPD for local authorities and the Yorkshire and Humber Science Learning Centres.

Supports any curriculum

Every investigation develops key knowledge and is linked to assessment, covering specific programmes of study for 'working scientifically'. It means Love to Investigate fits perfectly with any curriculum. Every investigation is also linked to one of our Imaginative Learning Projects, which makes them an ideal add-on to the Cornerstones Curriculum England and Cornerstones Curriculum Wales.

What do you get?

126 scientific investigations

Every investigation comes in a beautifully designed booklet that is easy to photocopy.

Single and mixed year group classes

Designed to work with any curriculum and perfect for schools and classes of all shapes and sizes.

Essential knowledge

Key information and learning for non-specialists and teachers who want to brush up on their knowledge.

Equipment list

A list of required equipment to help teachers prepare lessons and show children what they will need.

Assessment tools

A tailored assessment sheet for recording children's attainment, including key questions for assessing children's understanding and progress.

Dedicated support

Help, guidance and support from our dedicated team of real humans (including Dr Fran), right here in our office, by email or phone.

Curriculum Maestro

Love to Investigate is only available as part of Curriculum Maestro or Curriculum Maestro Lite, our revolutionary online platform helping schools design, deliver and manage their curriculum.

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