Cornerstone Yoimoji - Putting SMSC and FBV at the heart of your school.

Cornerstones Yoimoji

Suitable for: England, Wales

Free to schools with the Cornerstones Curriculum or just £150* as a standalone purchase for all other schools.

*Subject to an annual licence fee after the first year.

Cornerstone Yoimoji - Putting SMSC and FBV at the heart of your school.

Who are the Yoimoji?

The Yoimoji are a collection of 58 colourful characters designed to help you promote fundamental British values. Each Yoimoji represents a value that, over time, helps build children’s understanding. The Yoimoji characters are not defined by age, race, religion or gender, which means they are appropriate for all schools.

Video – Introducing the Yoimoji

What does the word Yoimoji mean?

Yoimoji is a portmanteau that combines the Japanese word ‘Yoi’ which means ‘good’ and ‘emoji’ which is slang for character. So, Yoimoji stands for: Good character.

How to use the Yoimoji

Schools can choose which and how many Yoimoji characters they want to introduce depending on the values they want to focus on. The scheme is entirely flexible and designed to be used in a number of different ways to suit the needs of any school.

A wealth of exciting resources

Yoimoji is free to any school purchasing the Cornerstones Curriculum and provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about FBV. Available online, the scheme includes a wealth of resources including reward cards, character posters, Yoimoji handbook, introductory videos, a whole school assembly plan and video, individual character animations, character profiles, story planners and display banners. Special award stickers are available to purchase separately on the Cornerstones online shop.

Colourful animations

Colourful animations help schools introduce each character and their special value. These provide an excellent starting point for discussion and for putting Yoimoji into practice.

Watch example animation

Ofsted ready

Many schools already have some values in place. If that’s the case in your school, you may not be able to evidence clearly how they link to the fundamental British values, or how they are at the heart of your work. Each Yoimoji is directly linked to one or more of the FBV as outlined by Ofsted.