Science Week lesson ideas


14th March 2016

Science Week lesson ideas

Here’s where you’ll find all of our easy-prep Science Week lesson ideas. Why not give them a go and let us know how you get on?

Science Week lesson ideas

Lesson 1 – Find a bug!

Go outdoors to find a brilliant bug. Collect it gently using a pooter or plastic tub. Can you find out its name? Whose bug has the most or least legs? Draw your bug or take a photograph of it.

Download a handy PDF version of this challenge so you can record and share your findings.

Lesson 2 – Build a shelter

Work as a team, to build a shelter outdoors that you can sit in using found and recycled materials. Can you make it waterproof? Is your shelter sturdy? Is it safe?

Draw a picture of your shelter or take a photograph of it and label it to show the materials you used.

Download a handy PDF version of this challenge.

Lesson 3 – Ice race!

Race a partner to melt an ice cube. Use whatever method you like but make sure it is safe and sensible. What factors should you keep the same to make sure your race is fair? How long did it take to melt your ice cube? Who won?

Take photographs before and after your ice race.

Download the PDF version of this challenge.

Lesson 4 – Float an egg

Can you make a whole, uncooked egg float in water? You will need to think about and try different ways to do it. How about making a boat-like structure for it to float on, or making the egg lighter – how could you do that?

Download a handy PDF version of this challenge and record your results. What did you do and what happened?

Lesson 5 – Grow a bear!

Can you make a jelly bear grow? You will need a cup, water and a jelly bear sweet. How can you use this equipment to make the jelly bear bigger?

Try out your ideas and write what you did. What were your results?

Download a handy PDF version of this challenge and record your results.

And don’t forget to share your findings with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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