Learning about the First World War at primary school


03rd November 2020

Learning about the First World War at primary school

Teach the First World War at Key Stage 2 with our updated, fully resourced project, Fallen Fields. Read on to find out more and download your FREE taster resources.

On 11th November 2020, people around the world will be reflecting on the lives that were irrevocably changed, and those that were lost. Although the study of the ‘Great War’ is not a history topic specified in the KS2 national curriculum, many primary schools believe that it is important to teach its significance to children.

Fallen Fields is one of over 100 engaging projects included in your school’s Curriculum Maestro licence. If you’re not using Cornerstones but would like a taster, you can download four free Fallen Fields resources. See the links in this blog for more details.

Learning about the First World War at primary school

Fallen Fields project

Fallen Fields project overview

Our special history project, Fallen Fields, is designed to teach children key knowledge about the First World War, and comes with a wealth of time-saving resources. Appropriate for children in Years 5 and 6, it provides a series of preplanned lessons across a range of subjects. Fallen Fields is best taught over two to three weeks, culminating in a fundraising activity where the children plan to raismoney for The Royal British Legion. However, some schools decide to adapt the project to teach across one to three days, for a more immersive experience. Curriculum Maestro makes this adaptation very easy to do.


Lesson resources

Various Fallen Fields resources

The project comes with a full set of bespoke and stunningly designed lesson resources, including original illustrations and examples of first-hand evidence, to help bring the subject to life. Through the resources, children learn about the significant events, leadersdates, and issues around war, including the diversity of the people involved. We have also included a First World War knowledge organiser that children can read before starting the project and an end of project quiz (there’s a free sample of the knowledge organiser below).  


Private Peaceful

Love to Read guide – Private Peaceful

As part of Fallen Fields, we recommend the story Private Peaceful, by Michael Morpurgo. Told through the eyes of Tommo Peaceful, the story tells us about a young man’s experiences during the First World War. From the nonchalant attitude of the war during basic training to the full-blown horrors of the battlefields of the Western Front, Private Peaceful tackles the themes of family, death, justice, love and remembrance, telling the story of family life during this terrible time and the different effects that the war had on people. You can access a FREE Private Peaceful Love to Read reading guide, hereThe guide will support teachers in delivering this poignant story to pupils, explaining the themes and literary devices used by the author. There are also suggested activities that will not only develop children’s comprehension but also encourage children to think and create their own opinions about an event not so long ago but in a time very different to today. 


Free First World War resources

Existing Cornerstones customers can access the complete Fallen Fields project and accompanying resources as part of their curriculum licence. All skills and knowledge covered in the project are easy to monitor using the integrated assessment tracker.  

Not using Cornerstones? We’re giving away four free taster resources for teachers. We hope that you enjoy using them with your children.  

Free download – Poppies picture cards 

Free download – Fallen Fields knowledge organiser 

Free download – Private Peaceful Love to Read guide 

Free download – British history timeline card


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