A new curriculum platform for primary schools in Wales


24th June 2020

A new curriculum platform for primary schools in Wales

This week, we are excited to launch Cwricwlwm Maestro, builspecifically for schools in Wales. This userfriendly online system allows you to design, teach and assess your curriculum all in one place. Populated with engaging, editable curriculum projects and more than 2000 highquality teaching resources, Cwricwlwm Maestro will help you to meet the Curriculum for Wales requirements and bring rich learning to life.

A new curriculum platform for primary schools in Wales

How does it work? 

When you first log on, Cwricwlwm Maestro guides you through the curriculum design process. Starting with The four purposes, it allows you to add projects and lessons that fully cover the statements of what matters for each of the six areas of learning and experience (AoLEs). The Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) and Digital Competence Framework (DCF) can also be fully integrated into your teaching and learning.

You can access Cwricwlwm Maestro by purchasing a licence that’s priced according to your school size. If you already have a Cornerstones licence, the good news is that it’s included in your current package. Simply transfer to Cwricwlwm Maestro and you and your staff can enjoy access to all content, tools and resources at any time, on any device.

Cwricwlwm Maestro - The four purposes

Planning your curriculum

Cwricwlwm Maestro houses the broad and balanced Cornerstones Curriculum, which includes the popular Welsh Humanities projects and a complete suite of teaching resources. Simply choose and adapt these projects to suit your needs or use the system to develop your own. All content will automatically link to the What Matters statements and Cwricwlwm Maestro’s skills and knowledge framework. This helps you to ensure clear curriculum coverage and progression.


‘Cwricwlwm Maestro has provided us with a great platform to create and develop our own unique broad, balanced and enriched curriculum in line with the four purposes.’

John McMorrow, Headteacher, St Josephs RC Primary School

Cwricwlwm Maestro Lite version 

If you are a school wanting to manage and assess your own curriculum, Cwricwlwm Maestro also comes in a Lite version. The table below shows you what’s included with both options.  

Cwricwlwm Maestro

Lite Licence

Cwricwlwm Maestro

Full Licence

Access to the Cornerstones Curriculum

More than 2000 teaching resources

Live timetable function

Curriculum design and management tools

AoLE coverage and progression framework

Real time assessment

Science investigations and much more

Ongoing curriculum support

Easing the pressure on staff

With your curriculum in place, Cwricwlwm Maestro provides staff with the tools and resources to deliver and manage it with ease. As all projects are editable, you can develop a truly bespoke curriculum, which is an important aspect of the new Curriculum for Wales.

Cwricwlwm Maestro makes light work of leadership in your school, helping you to track actual coverage and progression in line with the AoLEs, LNF and DCF. It ensures sequenced learning across year groups, with vibrant resources to support teachers’ delivery.


‘Can’t wait to share info with our team from this morning’s Cwricwlwm Maestro demo with Nicola. It looks fantastic and will be amazing for teacher planning. I love the timetable feature and that resources are attached to lessons – exciting’

Mrs J Davies, Ysgol Bae Baglan

Monitoring your curriculum

Cwricwlwm Maestro seamlessly links your curriculum, teaching and assessmentavoiding the need to buy extra assessment packages. Live tools help you to monitor coverage and your children’s progression in all key areas, including the mandatory LNF and DCF skills. This helps you to gain an accurate judgement of what is actually being taught and learned in your curriculum

Sharing your curriculum

With Cwricwlwm Maestro, everything is kept live and relevant. All staff have a log in and can view and share lesson plans, timetables and assessment. As well as unifying your curriculum approach, being online allows for paperless curriculum delivery and management.

You can also share your curriculum design and project information with parents and the wider community, as everything that you need to share can be uploaded to your school website.

Helping you get ready for 2022

Cwricwlwm Maestro for Wales has everything that you need to move towards the new curriculum, starting in September 2020, in line with government expectations.

Want to see what it can do? Book a free demo with a member of our team. 

Cwricwlwm Maestro - Find out more

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    We are in a much better place with CM than with our old curriculum. We will be making it more bespoke in the second year.

    Conrad Fox – Headteacher, Hunmanby Primary School, England


    I have used Cornerstones from its first launch. The product has been refined over time as it is driven by feedback from schools and teachers delivering the content. The company is also responsive to a school's needs.

    Lindsey Wain – Deputy headteacher, Hartburn Primary School, England


    Maestro is a real time saver, particularly for leadership teams and subject leaders. There is a wealth of information and resources which can be used and adapted by creative skills teachers. The way the curriculum is mapped is excellent and was commented on in a very recent Ofsted inspection.

    Charlotte Gibbins – Thurlstone Primary School, England


    I have recommended and told many other schools and school staff about it. I would always though suggest that they need to ensure it is right for their school setting and the needs of their staff and pupils.

    Kathryn – Teacher, Langton Primary School


    It has been a revelation. Staff are finding their way through it and if we have any questions, the support from Cornerstones is amazing. We always get answers to our questions. It is now our one-stop-shop for curriculum with linked up thinking and approach through an intuitive and user-friendly system.

    Moira Cross – Executive head, Dordon Primary School