New Welsh curriculum? We’ve got you covered

The Welsh government are developing a new curriculum for Wales that underpins teaching and learning for pupils aged 3–16. They aim to make the new Welsh curriculum available by September 2018 and for all schools and settings to be using it by 2021.

In November 2015, the Welsh government released a new document, ‘A curriculum for Wales  – a curriculum for life’.

It includes the Four Purposes that will form the main foundation for the new Welsh curriculum, encouraging children and young people to be:

  • ambitious, capable learners
  • enterprising, creative contributors
  • ethical, informed citizens
  • healthy, confident individuals.

Using the Cornerstones Curriculum? You’re already covered.

If your school is using the new Cornerstones Curriculum Wales you already have comprehensive coverage of the Four Purposes. Our four-step philosophy and other products naturally cover all aspects of the Welsh curriculum’s Four Purposes.

Download and view our coverage

Develop your Pupil Offer

Schools must also develop a Pupil Offer as part of the changes to the Welsh curriculum. A school’s Pupil Offer should outline how it provides a menu of rich learning experiences that are linked to a range of partners, providers and the environment.

Cornerstones Curriculum Wales already offers schools ideas for a wide range of rich and memorable experiences. They are integral to each project and designed to ignite children’s interests and provide a starting point for developing the ‘Four Purposes’.

We’re currently creating editable grids that list our curriculum’s memorable experiences as part of our Pupil Offer for Years 1–6. You can download the Y1 and Y5 grids now.

Download and view Pupil Offer for Year 1 and Year 5

Learn more about Cornerstones Curriculum Wales

Want to know more about how our curriculum covers the new curriculum for Wales?
Take a look at the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales product page, which features detailed information about how it can help your school now… and in the future.

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