New to Cornerstones? Here are our top tips to get you started

September is once again upon us, bringing with it a new school year and for some, a brand new curriculum to teach in school.

If you’re new to the Cornerstones Curriculum, then congratulations and thank you for joining the thousands of other teachers who are enjoying Cornerstones with their classes! To help get you started on your incredible journey, we’ve compiled some of our top tips to make your September as smooth as possible.

Get online

The Cornerstones Curriculum comes with one year’s free access to the Cornerstones online portal, The Hub, where you’ll find all of the projects and resources and much more! Before you can log in, your Cornerstones Administrator in school (this may be the headteacher, deputy, or admin staff) will need to complete our Cornerstones Online registration sheet and return it to us as soon as possible. This will have been emailed to your school office.

You’ll then receive an email asking you to create a password for your Cornerstones Online account. Try to make sure you do this within a week of receiving the email or the link will expire. If it does expire though – don’t worry! You can always request a new one from the Cornerstones Online login page.

Once you have successfully logged into The Hub, You will need to install LockLizard software onto your computer then download your school’s licence. This can be done by clicking Your Licence and following both Step 1 and Step 2. Without this, you will be unable to view any ILPs or resources.

Read the guidance

We’ve created a number of easy-to-follow handbooks, videos, and supporting documents to help you on your Cornerstones journey. Once you’ve logged in to The Hub, click on the Guidance and support button on the homepage.

Pick your projects

Once you’re on The Hub, you’ll be able to access all of the exciting projects and resources. Just click on the ILPs & resources button on the homepage, where you’ll find over 80 Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) with a choice of nine per year group. So, the first task is to choose which projects you’d like to do over the year! You can then check how you’ll be covering key skills and programmes of study, using our handy Detailed Coverage Checker and Gap Analysis tools.

Read your chosen projects

Read through your chosen projects to get a feel for the context and activities you’re going to be teaching. This will give you a great overview of each project and the overall direction your teaching will take. You’ll see there’s an electronic copy of your project, so you can print it out. You can also copy and paste content into your own planning documents if you wish using the section at the bottom of the project page.

Each project also comes with a range of really useful documents, including:

  • a handy list of recommended books
  • information about the ILP for parents and carers
  • a list of practical resources to help you deliver the ILP
  • ideas for home learning
  • fun facts for the children!

Check out the ILP resources

Every ILP has a wide range of high-quality teaching resources, including information texts, instructions, recipes, picture cards, glossaries and videos and a ‘Useful stuff’ document, with links to web pages and other information to help you as you teach the project. Also included are project-specific display banners, word cards and book covers. We recommend browsing the resources and getting a feel for what’s included before you start. You can always check out our Twitter feed for inspiration – follow @Cornerstonesedu or hashtag your project name. Handy for inspiration!

Get started!

And that’s it! All that’s left to do is start teaching and share your journey with us and other schools on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing us directly at

We’re here to help

If, once you’re up and running, you find you need help or support with anything, just drop us an email or give our friendly team a call. There’s also a handy noticeboard on The Hub homepage, where you’ll find news, updates and announcements of brand new resources.

Cornerstones Curriculum

The Cornerstones Curriculum is a broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum with a creative edge. It comprises over 80 themed projects featuring a series of lesson ideas mapped to the national curriculum, all supported by tailor-made teaching resources. Cornerstones gives you the power and freedom to shape your curriculum to best suit the needs of your school.

For more information, call us on 03333 20 8000.


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Melanie Moore

Mel is Curriculum Director and the author of the Cornerstones Curriculum. She writes, edits and oversees all curriculum materials and leads our creative team. Mel has over 20 years of primary teaching experience, including as a deputy headteacher. She has also been a teacher adviser and a local authority strategy adviser.

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