A new-look Hub and exclusive Olympics projects


Schools using the Cornerstones Curriculum get one year’s free access to The Hub, our amazing online portal that features planning and assessment tools, as well as over 1000 bespoke teaching resources. It’s your one-stop shop for all things Cornerstones and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new-look Hub.

New and improved

The new and improved Hub is even more user-friendly. You can personalise your own homepage, choosing shortcuts to the Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) and documents that are most relevant to you. Perfect for busy teachers!

Another great time-saving option is the ability to download electronic versions of our ILPs. Many teachers use these to copy and paste into their own planning sheets. It’s particularly handy if you’d prefer your own paper copy to write notes on, or if you want to tailor-make the project to your own needs, for example, leaving certain lessons out or extending others.

Saving teachers time

Jenny Bailey, from the Cornerstones Curriculum Team, helps to create resources on The Hub: “I’m really excited about The Hub at the moment. Every week, we’re creating new and innovative resources for all of our ILPs and the positive feedback we’ve received from teachers has really spurred us on. Our main aim is to save you time!”

What makes The Hub resources different from other online teaching resources is the fact they are carefully matched to our curriculum, each year group and the learning objective of a particular activity.

Curriculum Team member Caroline Pudner also works on the bespoke resources: “Our new EYFS projects are really popular, so the team have been busy creating some stunning resources to complement each one. The videos are a particularly lovely way to get the children excited about their projects. My personal favourites are the videos for ‘Are eggs alive?’ and ‘What happens when I fall asleep?’ I used to teach Reception, and I know how much my own class would have loved them.”

HUB - Video

A wealth of resources

There are a wealth of resources available on The Hub, ranging from whiteboard presentations and videos, to picture cards and reading texts.

Caroline added: “I’m particularly proud of the reading texts we’ve produced. When I was a teacher, it used to take me hours to create or adapt texts for children to read when researching a topic. With that in mind, we’ve written our texts to match each lesson’s objectives and age group, offering challenge and a wide range of genres.

“We also wanted them to have a visually appealing, high quality design, to really engage children. Our designers are very talented so we’re very lucky!

“My particular favourites include the Hercules Beetle resource in Beast Creator and the Anglo-Saxon timeline resources for Traders and Raiders. We want to create even more of these over the next few months, so watch this space!”


Sharing ideas

The Hub also provides an ideal forum on which to share information and ideas with other teachers, as Jenny explains: “We love hearing from teachers. So many of you have posted ideas, comments and questions on the Hub. It’s been amazing to see the range of wonderful displays, innovative ideas and examples of children’s work inspired by our curriculum.”

Special projects

As well as our re-designed Hub, we’ve also launched a set of special projects about the Olympics, exclusively for Hub subscribers. There's one per Key Stage and one for EYFS. Each project is designed to get children excited about this year’s Rio Olympics over a 2-3 week period. They cover a wide range of skills and subjects and include a batch of bonus resources to save teachers even more time. 


The Hub

HUB - MAIN IMAGE - Online portal

The Hub is our online portal for schools using Cornerstones. It includes a wide range of features, from our popular coverage checker and Gap analysis, to over 1000 bespoke teaching resources that help bring the curriculum to life.

Schools also have access to specialist advice from our team of teachers and subject specialists, as well as technical support during school hours.

Schools that purchase the Cornerstones Curriculum get one year's free access. Every teacher in your school will get full access through their own user account and because The Hub is online, you can log in at any time and from anywhere. Even better, it's designed to work well on any device – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Find out more about The Hub.

If your free access has expired, we can get you back on The Hub in no time at all. And if you renew your Hub licence now, you’ll also gain access to the free Olympics projects when they’re launched exclusively on The Hub very soon. Call us now on 03333 20 8000.

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