New features for Cornerstones Assessment!

Over the last twelve months, we’ve been busy adding lots of new features to our assessment package. We’ve improved its flexibility and usability too. Read on to discover what’s new.

Custom reports

Custom reports enable you to view attainment, progress, percentages – the information you need as preset reports.

To get you started, we’ve created a few handy preset reports. We know these will save you time. You can also create your own by just selecting what you want to see, giving it a ‘Name' and clicking ‘Create new'.


Skills Analysis for English, Maths Science and all Foundation Subjects

The Skills Analysis tool allows you to filter pupil groups and mark skills achieved. It highlights gaps, determines key areas for development and identifies where interventions may be needed.

These differentiated skills have been developed from our broad and balanced curriculum and are being used to support engaging teaching, assessment and moderation across the country. Assessment is about what children do and do not know, putting the curriculum and learning first.

Read more about our skills analysis.

Bespoke pupil reports

Our Visual Progress and Attainment Chart means schools can now show parents their child’s progress and attainment in a number of ways and can customise the report for each child with the projects they’ve covered.


Read more about our pupil reports.

Online tracking for all subjects

English, maths and all foundation subjects are now integral to our online tracking system, allowing schools to make termly assessments for all subjects.

Read more about how Cornerstones Assessment works.

Free 3-month trial of Cornerstones Assessment

The best way to get a real understanding of Cornerstones Assessment is to try it for yourself, at your own pace and at a time that suits you. That’s why we’re now offering a free 3-month trial. No cost. No commitment.

The free trial gives you full, unrestricted access to our online platform. Not only will you have the freedom to explore our intuitive system, but you can upload and analyse your data then create and save reports specific to your school’s performance.

We’re that confident you’ll love it, at the end of the trial period if you decide it’s not for you, you can just walk away. You can even keep your reports as a thank you for taking a closer look. However, we feel that once you see just how much value you get for your money, you’ll want to stay.

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