New! Cornerstones Maths Plans now available

Lighten the load, save time and get ahead for September

Our new Cornerstones Maths Plans, completely mapped to the national curriculum programmes of study, consist of long-term and medium-term planning for Years 1–6.

Each year group has access to a long-term plan and three termly medium-term plans.

Teacher workload is at an all-time high!

We have developed the Cornerstones Maths Plans so that the year ahead is already mapped out for you. You can then devote more time to making purposeful and proactive decisions that will lead to your children achieving significant academic growth during the year.

Our Maths Plans provide you with the comfort and security of knowing, in advance, where you and your children are headed. They provide a tried and tested, recommended teaching sequence, setting out the content to be taught and when to deliver it. Designed to be used flexibly, you can adapt the teaching sequence in response to ongoing formative and summative assessment.   

The long-term maths plans

The long-term plans provide the ‘big picture’ – the forward vision of the range, content and curriculum coverage for the year ahead.

The medium-term maths plans

The medium-term plans link directly to the long-term plans, providing a coherent sequence for teaching and learning. They outline, in more detail, the maths content to be covered on a term-by-term basis.


What are the benefits?

As a teacher, the Cornerstones Maths Plans:

  • save you time planning ahead and mapping out national curriculum coverage
  • provide a detailed summary of what children should know and be able to do by the end of the academic year
  • map out clear termly goals
  • provide a timeline for pacing your teaching throughout the year
  • set out the units of maths in an order which build upon one another conceptually
  • highlight possible points during the year when you may have time to revisit and consolidate learning
  • support differentiation when used alongside our Developmental Skills

As a subject leader or key stage co-ordinator, the Cornerstones Maths Plans:

  • provide a whole school planning framework for maths
  • offer a consistent approach to maths across the whole school
  • provide an in-depth overview of the knowledge and skills children are expected to acquire in each year group and phase
  • support the monitoring process

Get your free maths plans today!

The Cornerstones Maths Plans can be accessed for customers of Cornerstones Online under Teacher guidance and support or SLT guidance and support.

If you're not a current Cornerstones customer, you can download the free Maths plans by clicking the banner below.

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