New Cornerstones Assessment features now live

With summer just around the corner we’ve been busy developing our online Progress and Attainment Tracker. We've added a few new features to make it even quicker and easier for you to enter and review your assessment data.

Enter data in seconds

Finish inputting those last few teacher assessments with our new auto fill buttons +4, A.R.E and Clear.

Enter data in seconds (2)

Class summary – attainment at a glance

Look at the percentage breakdown of children working within the expected standard in the group summary, with the ability to select and compare multiple year groups.

Class summary - attainment at a glance (1)

Group analysis at the touch of a button

Attainment, progress and floor target percentages, there isn't a question it's not been able to answer!

Group analysis at the touch of a button

Full history for pupils from Reception to Year 6

Use the data columns to select any End of Year data from the beginning of time.

Full history for pupils

Pupil summary for parents

The initial release of what will become our comprehensive reporting facility – ready for next year's annual reports.

Pupil summary for parents (1)Pupil summary for parents (3)

Cornerstones Assessment

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