NAHT general election campaign 2017– valuing a broad range of subjects in the school day.

The NAHT has laid out five key priorities for the main political parties to include in their General Election manifestos.

Russell Hobby, NAHT general secretary said

‘Our five priorities reflect the real challenges affecting schools and young people right now. Parties hoping for the support of parents, teachers and school leaders need to have something to say on these key areas. These will underpin future success.”

What are the #5priorities?

The #5priorities are:

  1. 1. To fund education fully and fairly, reversing the £3bn real terms cuts that schools are facing and providing enough money to make the new national funding formula a success.
  2. 2. To put forward a national strategy for teacher recruitment and retention that recognises teachers as high-status professionals and guarantees enough teachers for every school.
  3. 3. To adopt fair methods to hold schools to account, recognising that test and exam results are only part of the picture when judging a pupil’s success or a school’s effectiveness.
  4. 4. To value a broad range of subjects in the school day so that pupils’ opportunities are not limited and they are properly prepared for adult life.
  5. 5. To make sure that schools are supported by health and social care services to allow schools to fulfil their role to promote pupil wellbeing rather than making up for cuts to other services.

How can Cornerstones help?

Priority 4, which calls for all political parties to value the importance of ‘a broad range of subjects in the school day’ is easy with the Cornerstones Curriculum. With over 80 cross-curricular projects to choose from, schools can easily build a curriculum which values all subjects.

How does the Cornerstones Curriculum value all subjects?

Take a look at the front cover of each of our Imaginative Learning Projects. The column on the right shows the range of subjects taught and the aspect of that subject covered. For example, the project Beast Creator has a science focus, but also covers the subjects of art and design, computing, design and technology, geography, mathematics and PSHE.

Take a look at our free sample projects

To get a closer look at how the Cornerstones Curriculum delivers on Priority 4 click here to download a free sample Imaginative Learning project, as well as some of our other subject led resources including RE, science and reading.

To find out more about the Cornerstones Curriculum or book a free curriculum meeting, click the button below or call us on 03333 20 8000.

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