Meet the Cornerstones team – Kathryn Farr, Marketing Assistant

We think it’s time for you to meet the team here at Cornerstones, so in the first of our ‘Meet the Cornerstones team’ posts, we say hello to, well… me!

Let me introduce myself

Meet the Cornerstones team - Kathryn

I joined Cornerstones Education over a year ago as Marketing Assistant, and my primary responsibilities involve looking after our social media accounts as well as our blog.

Before joining the team here however, I spent over ten years working at South Yorkshire Newspapers, where I developed a love of writing. As an Editorial Assistant, I organised competitions and sorted readers’ letters for publication, but it was the opportunity to write reviews for publication that I really relished. Whether it was for a book, film or (very occasionally) a hotel stay, I jumped at the chance.

And speaking of books, they’re another big passion of mine, which is why I’ve been involved in the development of Cornerstones’ new book packs (available in September!) – look out for more on those very soon.

After leaving the newspaper business, I fully embraced my love of literature and worked at Waterstones as a bookseller. Being surrounded by books was amazing, though it didn’t do anything for my own bookshelves at home! So many wonderful books…

Joining the team at Cornerstones though has been a fantastic opportunity – I’ve been lucky enough to go out and visit schools using Cornerstones products and been blown away by how excited the children were about their learning. Their enthusiasm was infectious!

I also get to write, use social media, talk about books and work with a great bunch of people, more of whom you’ll be introduced to over the coming weeks so remember to check back regularly to meet more of the Cornerstones team.

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Kathryn Farr - Marketing Assistant

Kathryn is the Marketing Assistant here at Cornerstones, where her role involves updating the blog on the Cornerstones website and looking after Cornerstones' various social media channels.

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