Meet the superfood superheroes

Pow! Kazaam! See our superfoods superheroes video trailer.

Take a look at our fantastic new resources on The Hub

Planning on teaching our Year 1 Superheroes ILP anytime soon? Or wanting to teach your class about the benefits of superfoods? You’re in luck! We’ve just uploaded some fantastic new resources to The Hub.

Here’s a sneak preview of our new superfoods video. It’s a fun, quick way to start off the lesson and engage the children.

There are also recipe cards for yummy pasta and super smoothies ideal for teacher-led or small group activities. These are brilliant to use during the Develop stage of the Superheroes ILP to give the children opportunities to taste a wider range of food and understand the benefits of eating healthily. We’ve included posters and other display resources for you to create an eye-catching display board too!

You can find all of these resources, including the full length video, on The Hub > ILPs and resources > Y1 & Y2 > Y1 Superheroes.

And there’s more for other ILPs too!
We’re adding more and more resources every week. Recent additions include a Heroes and Villains story book, Dinosaur Planet picture cards, Off with Her Head! information cards, Stargazers display materials and five new EYFS resource packs. Log into The Hub and take a look around, we might just have what you need for your next lesson… and if we don’t, just let us know!

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