Meet Dr Fran Barnes, our Science Expert

Fran has nine years' experience as a post-doctoral research scientist in the Department of Infection and Immunity at the University of Sheffield. Whilst in this post, she developed a keen interest in promoting science as a subject to study and a career option for young people. She also spent time visiting schools as an ambassador for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

In 2009, Fran decided to leave academia to become a full-time champion of science, working as a freelance science education advisor. She delivered practical science lessons to children aged 4 to 18 at schools in Sheffield and nationwide & and also delivered outreach science sessions for families.

Fran said, ‘I'm keen on the promotion of hands-on practical science and strongly believe children should be ‘doing' science by exploring, investigating and being given the freedom to test their own ideas. I look forward to contributing to Cornerstones' highly-regarded teaching and learning resources.'

Another member recently added to our Cornerstones team is Vanessa Wright, who has joined us as a Business Development Assistant. Vanessa previously worked at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Michael Philips, who joined Cornerstones as an apprentice just a year ago, has also been recently promoted to the new substantive post of Finance Officer. Managing Director Melanie Moore said: “We are expanding rapidly as more schools buy into the Cornerstones' creative learning philosophy and are delighted to be able to recruit high-quality talent to our committed Cornerstones team.”

We have high expectations to grow the business further as we expand our 550-strong base of Cornerstones schools across England and Wales.

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Iain Broome

Iain is a Creative Consultant at Cornerstones and currently produces The Curriculum, our new podcast. He's previously worked on a range of other Cornerstones products, including the Cornerstones Curriculum, Love to Investigate and Cornerstones Yoimoji.

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