Meet Dr Fran Barnes at our Love to Investigate workshop!

We’ll be at the ASE Annual Conference this week.

Love to Investigate helps you fit more science into your teaching. Explore exciting questions at Dr Fran Barnes’ practical science session and take away free projects!

Designed to help children ‘work scientifically’, this collection of scientific investigations helps schools put investigative science at the heart of their science curriculum.

Meet us and find out more!

We’ll be at the ASE Conference on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January 2016 at the University of Birmingham.

Practical science session with Dr Fran Barnes

Thursday 7th January
Muirhead 122
W13 Whose Poo?

Is custard a liquid? How do fossils form? How does inheritance work? Why is holly prickly? Explore these questions and more in this practical science session with Dr Fran Barnes. There will be free teaching resources to take away too for each attending delegate.

Putting science at the heart of your curriculum with Graham Bell

Friday 8th January
Exhibition Marquee AS60
E10 Science Skills at the Heart of an Engaging Curriculum

Questioning, observing, recording and understanding are at the heart of all learning. See how putting science at the heart of your curriculum can help children develop these key skills and a life-long fascination with the world around them.

Ask us about our science series and take away free samples

We’ll be in the exhibition hall at stand AS52. Come and say hello!

You can find out more about the ASE Conference on its website.