Life in a world without levels

We all feel like burying our heads in the sand sometimes. You know that feeling – when things are changing beyond your control and you secretly hope it will all just go away. I imagine that's how a lot of teachers and headteachers are feeling right now.

The final Year 6 SATs week with levels is over. Reality is upon us. New programmes of study are being brought in and assessment with levels is a thing of the past.

Good news – Cornerstones is here to help.

What does it all mean?

What will life be like in a world without levels?

From September 2015, all Year 1–6 children will be measured against the new national curriculum programmes of study. It means you will have to disregard everything you know about levels. They are a thing of the past.

The new national curriculum programmes of study are different in terms of attainment and the subjects you need to cover for each year group. Teachers will need to make a baseline judgement against the new national curriculum ideally by the end of the summer term.

How can Cornerstones help?

Cornerstones Assessment is a new product that helps schools move smoothly to a life without levels. It includes our Essential and Developmental Skills frameworks, which help you to make those baseline judgements for all children in English and maths.

Our Essential Skills framework splits the new programmes of study into end-of-year, age-related expectations, but our Developmental Skills framework goes even further. It breaks maths and English skills down into termly age-related expectations. This enables schools to show attainment and termly progress towards the new programmes of study based on age-related expectations.

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Simon Hickton

Simon is Managing Director and KS1/KS2 assessment specialist at Cornerstones. He oversees our strategic direction and finances, as well as the development of our assessment package. He has 20 years teaching experience, 10 of those years as a primary head teacher. He has also worked as a freelance assessment and school improvement consultant.

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