How to explain the theory of evolution to Year 6 children

Schools who buy and use the Cornerstones Curriculum also get access to The Hub, our exclusive online portal. The Hub features electronic versions of all our imaginative learning projects, a bespoke curriculum coverage checker and hundreds of teaching resources.

One of our most popular resources is a video for our Year 6 project, Darwin's Delights that explains the theory of evolution. It's a new topic introduced in the 2014 science national curriculum and it can be tricky to teach at primary level. We've made our video available to everyone to show the type of resource our schools can find on The Hub.

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How did we make the video?

You might be wondering how we created the video. First, we researched, wrote and recorded the script, then we put it all together using a fantastic app called Videoscribe. It's a brilliant tool. Apart from the pictures of Darwin's own drawings, we used images and effects already built into the app.

If you want to try making this type of video yourself, Videoscribe is easy to pick up and a great way to explain concepts and engage children. You can download a free trial from the Videoscribe website. Let us know how you get on!

More resources?

Our teaching resources include presentations, information sheets, picture cards and videos. They form part of The Hub, which is only available to schools that use the Cornerstones Curriculum.

If you'd like to find out more, email or phone 03333 20 8000 and speak to one of our team.

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