HISTORY IS EPIC: Cornerstones announces partnership with Squaducation


Let’s deliver it in an epic way

We're delighted to say we've teamed up with Squaducation, part of the History Squad.

They've kindly given us 50 of their 60 second histories videos which we've uploaded to The Hub, to engage learners with ancient civilisations through to WW1.

Each video is a minute in length, and the scripts are written to give each character time to deliver their key messages. It’s amazing what they can pack into 60 seconds!

About 60 second histories

For over 20 years, Kevin Hicks of the History Squad has worked with schools to deliver history in a fun and relevant way through fun, interactive workshops and castle tours.

Knowing that teachers value the impact of learning in the classroom, Kevin wanted schools to have the opportunity to experience the History Squad magic in the classroom, 365 days a year, and so launched 60 second histories, an online, subscription-based film resource and web tool.

60 second histories teaching notes and films support, enhance and engage all abilities.

Enter the competition

Have you ever wanted to make your own film?

All you have to do is name your EPIC era and enter via the website (http://myepicera.co.uk); you can write about it, draw it, make a model or even film it! There are other fun prizes to be won too. See ‘how it works.'

Find out more

Visit the 60 second histories website to find out more, or log into The Hub to explore some of the 60-second videos for Gods and mortals, Pharaohs and Hola Mexico!