Your guide to delivering the Cornerstones Curriculum

In last week’s blog post, we brought you our top tips to get you started with Cornerstones – this week we’re bringing you a guide to the Cornerstones pedagogy and our tips for delivering the Cornerstones Curriculum.

The Four Cornerstones

The Cornerstones pedagogy, the Four Cornerstones, form the structure on which the Cornerstones Curriculum is built and is the basis of every Imaginative Learning Project (ILP) in our curriculum – Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express.

You can be completely flexible in how you approach these four distinct stages of learning, spending as much time as you like teaching each one. However, as an approximate guide, we recommend the following as a guideline:

  • Engage 3-5 days
  • Develop 1-3 weeks
  • Innovate 1-2 weeks
  • Express 3-5 days

For more in depth information about the Four Cornerstones, including what you should look for in the classroom during each stage, log in to The Hub and download a copy of our Curriculum Handbook.

the-four-cornerstones_2Flexible and adaptable

Each ILP you teach can be tailored to the needs of your class, so you don’t have to cover all of the ‘children could…’ suggestions set out in the ILP. You can pick and choose which lessons you want to teach but will need to make sure you keep a record of which programmes of study you cover. There’s a handy ‘Programmes of Study’ table included in each ILP, which you can use to tick off the objectives you teach. Don’t worry about covering all of the objectives – any you don’t teach may be covered in another ILP, or you may choose to teach them discretely at a different time of the year.

the-four-cornerstones_3Checking coverage

The Detailed Coverage Checker and Gap Analysis tools on The Hub are another way you can track your coverage. Simply select the ILPs you’re teaching, select the subjects and the areas you want to check against and our handy tools will produce a detailed map, identifying any gaps so you can plan and adapt accordingly.

Log in to The Hub

For more advice on how to get started with the Cornerstones Curriculum, log in to The Hub, and click on Guidance and Support in the Supporting Documents and Products section. There, you’ll find our Curriculum Handbook as well as a range of other documents to help you on your Cornerstones journey.


Cornerstones Curriculum

The Cornerstones Curriculum is a broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum with a creative edge. It comprises over 80 themed projects and 1000s of lesson ideas mapped to the national curriculum, giving you the power and freedom to shape your curriculum to best suit the needs of your school.

Every school purchasing the Cornerstones Curriculum also gets a year's free access to The Hub, our online portal, where you'll find planning and assessment tools as well as more than 1000 teaching resources.

For more information, call us on 03333 20 8000.

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