Getting started on Maestro

Last Revised: February 9, 2021

Need to set up on Maestro to start enjoying all the new features? Follow these steps, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Contact our team via email or live chat if you need any further help.

Creating classes

As a Maestro administrator, make sure that you have invited your staff, and that they have accepted their invitations. You can then set up your classes and start designing your curriculum. If you have not yet invited staff, watch this video guide.

You have two options to create your classes.

  • Add classes and pupils automatically using Wonde. Watch this video, or contact for more information.
  • Create classes manually without adding pupils.
    1. Go to Classes and pupils > Classes
    2. Click Create in the top left corner.
    3. Select the correct teacher for the class in the drop-down menu.
    4. Leave the Current plan empty for the moment.
    5. Click Save at the top to finish.

Setting up your school curriculum

    1. On the main menu go to Design and lead > Curriculum/Cwricwlwm designer > Projects
    2. Click the green Add button next to each year group to choose the projects you are teaching.
    3. Repeat for each year group.

      • You may wish to create your own school projects to cover any gaps in your chosen curriculum, or to track coverage against a project that you have been teaching before using Curriculum Maestro. Watch this video guide to learn how.
      • If you plan to use White Rose Maths (WRM) or are an English school that is an Early adopter of the 2021 EYFS curriculum, you will need also need to click the Details tab and click Coverage against to choose the curriculum framework you are using.
    4. After adding your projects, click on the Coverage tab to check coverage against the national curriculum. You can review each programme of study and either adjust your project choices (by going back to the Projects tab or assigning a Learning intention to one of your projects).
    5. Once you are happy with your coverage, click on the Planning tab and go to Assemble and assign projects. This is where you will create and assign your class plans. The projects you have added will appear on the left hand side.
      Note: If you have mixed age classes on a rolling programme, and need support setting up multiple cycles, please watch this video guide here.
    6. Click Add plan at the top to create class plan (for example, Year 2 plan). Each plan can be used for single or multiple classes. Each plan will appear on the right hand side.
    7. Drag and drop the projects from the left into the correct class on the right.
    8. Once you have added all your projects and plans, click on Assign class on the far right of each individual plan.
    9. Choose the correct class from the pop-up window and click Assign.
    10. Once you have finished creating your class plans, and have assigned each class to a plan, click Save at the top to finish.


If you need any further information about any of the above, please let us know. We can also offer online training.


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